Sunday, July 20, 2014

Where are the anti-American demonstrations?

In a routine and typical operation yesterday a US drone killed 11 Taliban 'militants' in Pakistan.  Pakistan is some 8000 miles from the nearest part of the USA and, as despicable as the Taliban are, they have never fired a single rocket at a US city. Nor has the Taliban yet managed to dig tunnels under the oceans so that their fighters can climb through to massacre civilians on US soil. But it was still the right thing for the USA to do as presumably most sensible people believe because the very little media coverage this type of operation gets in the West is universally positive.

So can anybody explain to me why, when Israel kills terrorists who are next to and within its own borders (and launching 200 rockets a day at civilians and coming through tunnels across the border to murder) the entire western world is in a frenzy and holding violent anti-Israel demonstrations (and PS to everybody reporting on the demonstrations they are NOT 'pro-Palestinian'  - the people on those marches make it very clear their only concern is the same one as Hamas, i.e. the destruction of Israel).

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