Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What the main stream media is NOT telling you about Israel/Gaza: Links to videos and articles

To support this article here is a set of links to send to friends who rely on the main stream media for their news and views of the Gaza conflict.

Videos/articles that summarise some of the key issues and the media lies

Hamas rockets in UN Schools

Who is responsible for most civilian casualties in Gaza (including at schools and hospitals)

The extent that Israel goes to in order to avoid civilian casualties

Israel sacrifices soldiers to avoid Arab civilian casualties

Hamas use of human shields

Hamas embedded in, and firing from hospitals, schools , homes, mosques etc

Hamas killing protestors and ‘collaborators’ (and claiming all such victims as being civilians killed by Israel)
The ‘civilian' casualties

What it is like for Israeli civilians

The Hamas terror tunnels

Disproportionate response from Israel?

Palestinian use of children and indoctrination

The Islamic mentality Israel is up against

Who is Hamas
The 'blockade of Gaza' and relevant recent history of Gaza

Who started the 2014 Gaza war?

Why you should not trust the UK main stream media
Why Israel cannot trust Obama on Gaza


aliyah06 said...

This is fabulous--shared and posted to FB--thanks for all this work!

Anonymous said...

This is combat the double walls of apathy and ignorance.