Tuesday, July 08, 2014

"A society that is too moral to protect itself is immoral because it is incapable of protecting the sources of its morality"

Daniel Greenfield perfectly sums up Israel's current predicament. Weighed down by the burden of morality not shared by any of its multitude of enemies it is allowing those enemies to run riot without any serious attempt to stop it even in the short term. A non-stop barrage of rockets that is imprisoning over a million people in southern Israel in bunkers (and causing extensive damage) and attacks on Jews across country by gangs of Arab rioters and terrorists.

In taking the moral high ground of refusing to robustly defend the country, Netanhyahu appears to have given in to the demands of Obama, left-wing politicians and of course the ever threatening  judiciary system that is increasingly dominated by anti-Zionists. If he thinks this approach will result in less hostility to Israel and greater understanding of Israel's position he should try looking at the international news media today: it has completely ignored all the missiles and the violence against Jews and has focused its rage against Israel with the highly questionable story of an "Arab-American youngster beaten up by Israeli police".

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