Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Obama is trying to destroy Israel

The US FAA (under instruction from the State Department) has banned all US flights to Israel and has now forced all airlines to do the same (leaving El Al as the only airline flying in and out). By doing this Obama is demonstrating his power to destroy Israel's economy if they do not surrender to his demands to appease Hamas (update: Hamas is celebrating its "great success"). This comes on top of a series of decisions made in the last few days designed to show the extent to which the US is now supporting Israel's enemies. These include:
Daniel Greenfield's article today says it all, including what Israel needs to do.


asherpat said...


Sultan's article is beyond fantastic (as usual) it doesn't address, at least directly, the point that you make about Obama.

Obama is a mystery. On one hand, he keeps saying how Israel is dear to him and Israel’s security is paramount, claims to support funding of the Iron Dome and drone targeted killings of Muslim terrorists and of course, the finishing of Osama. On the other hand, his actions and policies seem to favour the hard-line Muslims and he tries hard to shield Iran until it has the nuclear bomb, all in a “wrapping” of a responsible leader, while being almost conspiratorially helped by West mainstream media.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many good analyses of Obama’s dichotomy on Israel, while many articles, like yours, state the facts but very few, if any, dare to lay it bare and offer an explanation – that it is entirely possible that Obama is consciously a traitor with a hidden agenda.

IMO, there is a high probability (I’d say, about 50%) that Obama is consciously trying to realise the dreams of modern left – bringing down the Western civilisation with the concentration on its most visible vestiges:
1. The US and it’s power
2. The Free Markets (Capitalism); and
3. Israel, as a visible outpost of the Western Civilisation in contrast of the backwardness of Arab countries

Obama can't say that openly. It is just not (yet) politically correct. Too many voters that believe that he is a friend of Israel, that he cares for America and fights extremism, after all, “he killed Bin Laden”.

In his own book, Obama says on his days as an intern in a consulting firm that he felt “like a soldier behind enemy [i.e., capitalist] lines”, take his mentors (Jeremia Wright and Edward Said, I believe. Obama may not be an incompetent lazy golfer soft-brain, rather, he has clear but covert goals which he connivingly pursues while presenting a “front” image. A poignant article by the great Thomas Sowell ( to explain that Obama’s “failures” are by design, not by mistake:

“Most of Barack Obama's foreign policy decisions since becoming President are consistent with this mindset. He has acted repeatedly as a citizen of the world, even though he was elected to be President of the United States. Virtually every major move of the Obama administration has reduced the power, security and influence of America and its allies. Cutbacks in military spending, while our adversaries have increased their military buildups, ensure that these changes to our detriment will continue, even after Barack Obama has left the White House. Is that failure or success?”

According to the compliant (or even complicit) media, the most watched TV series in Obama household was “Homeland” where a US Marine released from long Taliban captivity brainwashed becomes a covert terrorist whose mission is to kill top US officials and who is directed by a Muslim spy-master. As a part of diverting operation, a top Muslim terrorist who was supposed to be the spy-master of the Marine willingly gives himself up to be shot and killed, which later transpires was a “queen sacrifice” to lull CIA into a false security and allow for a major terrorist act, killing the US Vice President.

It’s unlikely that Obama has an explicit spy-master but the resemblance to the Homeland series is eerie – a “soldier behind enemy lines” quote, the “sacrificing of queen” (killing of Osama to disprove people like me that Obama is anti-American). Obama, the “Homeland” president.

As a layman, I can't conduct a serious scholarly research or write an article about this critical issue that so few people notice. Indeed, many will dismiss me as a crank. However, you, Edgar and other prominent bloggers such as Daniel Greenfield (the excellent Elder isn't really into these kind of enquiries but he can if he wants to) can and should devote an article like “Is there a Sgt Brodie in the White House”?

God bless you Edgar and other bloggers that are not blind.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...


Thanks for the very inciteful comments here. Pamela Geller's book (The Post_American President"), which was written over 4 years ago, made very clear what Obama's agenda was (not just on Israel)and she has been proven right on every single point she made.

I agree it would be good to have a comprehensive analysis of Obama's agenda wrt israel. But I think there have been a number a number of articles that have looked at it:

I covered it a few times including here: