Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Being a Jew in the UK: how the media's false narrative on Israel is opening up a tsunami of anti-semitism

Anti-semitism 1933
Anti-semitism 2014

As well expressed in this open letter, there is little point in attempting to argue Israel's case rationally with anti-semites (which includes, sadly, most Muslims, all hard-core leftists, and all self-hating Jews).

What is more important, and more worrying, is the effect the incessant anti-Israel coverage is having on average British people who are being brainwashed into hatred of Israel. The coverage (as summarised here with full details here) amounts to little more than a narrative of propaganda and lies on behalf of the Hamas terrorists who have been allowed to dictate the news agenda, with no attempt to ever consider the Israeli perspective.Left, right, centrist it simply does not matter what their normal political perpsective is. Every single media outlet has bought into the same Hamas lies and propaganda.

So being in the UK at the moment I now have some impression of what it must have felt like to be a Jew living in Nazi Germany in the early days of the Nazis. Simply replace the "Jewish nation" now with the "Jewish people" then - Israel being the "Jew" among the nations. We have the same obsessive, irrational - and completely unjustified - singling out of 'crimes' by the "Jews", violent anti-"Jew" marches every day, and the crescendo of cries to boycott the "Jew". Just as in Nazi Germany the incessant anti-Jew propaganda has had an impact on 'average' people (possibly in many cases bringing out latent anti-semitism). Just 5 years of Nazi anti-Jew propaganda was sufficient not just to convince millions of average Germans that the "Jew" had to be totally exterminated, but made them willing to help carry out the extermination themselves; it is not over-dramatic to suggest that, with the anti-Israel media propaganda now reaching a crescendo, we are close to the point where a large number of average people feel the "Jew" nation must be exterminated. Indeed, even being seen to be a 'supporter of the "Jew" nation is becoming 'illegitimate', as one of the most popular presenters on the UK's most listened to radio stations said yesterday: "any person who defends Israel must be classified as a radical extremist exactly like an Al Qaeda or ISIS supporter". Being considered 'illegitimate' makes me feel there is no place for me in the UK. And this is compounded when I hear celebrities, politicians - and yes erstwhile friends - tweet their support for a terrorist organisation that wants me dead.

The average British person knows absolutely nothing about foreign affairs but (because of the media's total obsession with the "evil of the Jew") is somehow now certain that "Israel is committing genocide against Gaza" and that "Israel is an apartheid state that murders Palestinian children for fun". And the average person who is totally unaware of the hundreds of thousands of civilians murdered by Islamists in dozens of countries in the last two years, somehow knows the names of individual Palestinian children 'murdered by Israel' in Gaza.

Typical of this 'average British person' was a 'friend' on facebook who, having never in her life previously expressed a political view on any subject at all, suddenly started broadcasting passionate pleas about how we had to "stop Israel's genocide against the children of Gaza".  Her view was that this was one of the worst tragedies in the history of the world. When challenged about her views she said she was especially moved by a documentary she had seen by Jon Snow (Channel 4).

Obviously she was not aware that Jon Snow (in common with many BBC reporters) has an obsessive anti-Israel agenda (and judging by this report is also a genuine anti-semite). My reaction was to tell her what the media is NOT telling the public. I said the media is not telling you anything about:

  • The thousands of rockets fired against Israeli civilians by Hamas and the fact that Hamas are the elected government of the people 
  • Hamas storing rockets in schools and hospitals and also firing from them 
  • Hamas rockets falling short in Gaza being the reason for some of the worst incidents of loss of life (at schools and hospitals)
  • Journalist in Gaza being effectively censored by Hamas 
  • Israel only launching its offensive when Hamas refused to stop firing rockets.
  • The damage the rockets cause in Israel nor even the deaths and injuries.
  •  The suffering of Israeli civilians, including 2 million children who have had to live in bomb shelters for 4 weeks now. And the complete shut down of normal life in the entire country (including the shut down of all international flights for 3 days).
  • Israel's relatively low civilian casualty figures being due to the fact that a) the country is living in bomb shelters; and b) it pays for an expensive missile protection system (Iron Dome).
  • Hamas use of human shields in buildings from which they are firing and storing rockets
  • The incredible extent Israel goes to in order to avoid civilian casualties (unlike any other nation in the history of warfare).
  • The dozens of Israeli soldiers now being sacrificed to avoid Arab deaths because the Israeli Government demands they go house to house to find the tunnels and weapons caches rather than bombing those sites.  These guys are simply young conscripts just out of school.
  • The dozens of terror tunnels that Hamas has built (using billions of aid money from the EU and US) and is now using to mount attacks inside Israel (and was planning to use for a major massacre of Israeli civilians). If Hamas had used the money to build bomb shelters rather than tunnels there would have been no civilian casualties.
  • All Palestinian casualty figures are provided by Hamas or "UN sources in Gaza" who are Hamas affiliates who have always been proven to lie about them. The vast majority of those killed are Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.
  • The genocidal Jihadist beliefs of Hamas, including their charter which calls for the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews in the world.
  • How Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and forcibly removed every Jew (over 9,000). The infrastructure left behind by Israel (including thriving multi-million pound greenhouses) was immediately destroyed by Hamas and the materials were used to build rockets. They have been firing increasingly powerful rockets at Israel ever since. Only when they started to do that did the 'blockade' (which is actually just an attempt at an arms embargo) begin.
I also asked why she does not get similarly upset about the real atrocities carried out by Muslims all over the world and, in particular, why she was not sending similar messages praying for:
  • the children of Syria (50,000 murdered since 2011 by Islamists of one sort or another)
  • the Christian children of Nigeria (10,000 murdered and/or held hostage since 2012 by the Islamists Boko Harum)
  • the children of Iraq (30,000 murdered since 2011 by various Islamists)
  • the children of Libya (10,000 murdered first by NATO troops and then by Islamists sine 2011)
Since sending that message to her  - and engaging with other 'average Brits' on the subject - I was asked to 'provide' proof of the above facts. Even highly intelligent people claimed they had never heard anything about things like the use of human shields in Gaza, Israel's telephone warnings to civilians, the terror tunnels, or even the rocket attacks against Israel. And none were aware of the Hamas charter.

So I decided to compile a set of links exactly for the purpose of informing people who simply have not been told otherwise. Please distribute this link as widely as possible:



Unknown said...

Sums up my own perspective and experience exactly. I have also found the need to "unfriend" people whose posts on FB border on slanted propaganda or sheer antiSemitism.

Did these people learn nothing from the events of 7/7 or 9/11?

Sharan gordon said...

I'm going through exactly what you wrote...vv scary and it is happening can't understand why people do not understand this. There is one TV station in Canada reporting the truth Sunnews tv the rest are just fabricating and causing latent anti- semitism feelings.....cannot believe people would rather support terrorism than Israel which represents at this moment in time real fight for democracy....seems the world has forgotten what democracy is all about