Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Five "Palestinian victims"

The whole of Israel is under attack and the world does not give a damn. If you hear any mention of it all in the western media they will talk about "Palestinian victims". And the numbers they speak about will certainly include these 5 terrorists who attacked a kibbutz in Israel today by sea:

As reported here:
IDF units intercepted a Hamas commando terrorist team seeking to infiltrate Israel from the sea at Zikim beach on Tuesday, killing five.The infiltrators from Gaza were detected by Navy arena controllers. The terrorists were seen heading for the IDF's command and control post at Erez. They opened fire upon setting foot on the beach. Several IDF units engaged them, shooting and killing the terrorists. Searches are ongoing for additional terrorists.

One soldier was lightly injured in the exchange of fire.
See also Daniel Greenfield's article: The Myth of Israeli Collective Punishment

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