Sunday, April 14, 2019

Tuvia Tenenbom exposes brutal antisemitism dressed up as support for 'Palestinians'

Sussex Friends of Israel have distributed a disturbing clip from a video produced by Tuvia Tenenbom. He is seen talking with republicans in Northern Ireland. Although it is in English (with German subtitles) I have taken the liberty of adding English subtitles as it is quite hard to understand everything being said.

The key message -  "We support the Palestinians because they’re against the Jews...Hitler didn’t kill enough Jews" pretty much sums up the rationale of most ‘anti-Zionists’.

Of course no need for the Board of Deputies to comment about this as it doesn't involve any 'Islamophobia' and it's all just perfectly legitimate criticism of the Israeli government .......

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Donisthorpe Boot Boy said...

Your only three pints away from an anti Semite.

Donisthorpe Boot Boy. said...

We have a duty to support our Loyalist friends from Northern Ireland. I remember seeing Ian Paisley Jnr at the rally against AS in Parliament Square supporting us. Lord Trimble defending Israel in the HoL's. Nigel Dodds and now Arlene Foster. They know what terrorism is and have suffered the same as us. They are true democrats.

Donisthorpe Boot Boy. said...

Easter is coming or as my late Grandparents used to say, " the Pogrom season". In Tsarist Russia which they escaped from, the Jews were a great excuse to delay the revolution aided and abetted by the Russian orthodox church.
So they landed at Hull thinking they were in New York, it happened to many but they were safe now in England.