Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Why any Jewish leader who speaks to Baroness Warsi is part of the antisemitism problem

With news that the new President of the Board of Deputies is again meeting with Baroness Warsi**, here is an important reminder of why this is futile, dangerous and treacherous. The number one cause of the current wave of antisemitism is the media/political anti-Israel narrative based on vicious lies, blood libels and propaganda. Warsi has been prominent in pushing that narrative of lies. The continued 'dialogue' between her and Jewish leaders enables her to hide behind her 'friend of the Jewish community' claim while she pushes ever more vicious incitement against Israel (and she even sued the Jewish News for an article by Colonel Richard Kemp which was critical of her). Such meetings simply give her yet more credibility and prominence.

**The article I linked to is the President's response to an earlier JC report. In it she claims she met Warsi at the recommendation of CST Chair Gerald Ronson. The article reveals that the new President (Marie van der Zyl) is every bit as moronic and useless as all the other community leaders. She says
"Baroness Warsi is one of the most prominent Muslims in British public life" 
- but that is only because idiots like the CST and BoD boost her credibility . She also says
"We discussed many topics on which we agreed, including combating the twin evils of antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate, which I have made a priority for my presidency."
But it is not the job of the President of the BoD to combat 'anti-Muslim hate' (which is massively overstated and is not equivalent to antisemitism as she suggests). It is the job of the President to combat Islamic antisemitism, which Warsi inspires with her anti-Israel obsession. And while the President
"told Baroness unequivocally that the Board of Deputies would not work with MEND ..<who show> sympathy for the proscribed terrorist organisation Hamas." 
she seems to have forgotten that Warsi herself welcomed Hamas's election in 2006 (see quote below); also what she failed to tell the Baroness was that the Board would not tolerate Warsi's continued anti-Israel hatred and incitement.

Also isn't it funny that neither the CST or the BoD would ever consider engaging with somebody like Tommy Robinson who has far more prominence and popularity with the British public and has much more to offer in terms of combating Islamic inspired hatred.


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