Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why are people surprised that Naz Shah is an antisemite - it did not need a Facebook investigation to find this out

So yet another Labour MP Naz Shah is exposed today as a vicious antisemite based on the above Facebook messages she posted (and incidentally she is one of 11 MPs appointed to investigate antisemitsm!). But why are people are surprised? Her views are no different to the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and, indeed, no different to the Labour mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan (who will almost certainly be elected, and whose well documented history of vicious antisemitic Israel hatred has been ignored by Britain's 'official' Jews who now bow down to him). In fact, a couple of months ago I posted the following about Naz Shah on Facebook when discussing the London mayoral election (in which Khan's has taken all of George Galloway's natural support):
However, much he has tried to cover it up in the last year, Khan's record on issues that matter to Muslims is pretty much the same as Galloway. So Khan made Galloway irrelevant in this election. Labour pulled the same trick successfully in the 2015 election by having candidate Naz Shah against Galloway. Naz Shah easily won, but that's mainly because her views on Israel are identical to Galloway's so she was assured the Muslim vote in preference to him. It was Naz Shah incidentally who recently stated that no Israelis have ever been killed by Palestinians throwing rocks. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/01/13/british-politician-claims-rock-throwing-palestinians-neither-killed-or-injured-israeli-children/
I also noted Naz Shah's views on Israel after last year's election. and Ben Judah has for a long time reported about her and Bradford politics. If you are able to delve deeply enough you will find the same antisemitic Israel-hating views in every 'progressive' Muslim politician. We just saw it with the newly elected NUS President Malia Bouattia. And it is not restricted to left-wing politicos. The most perfect example of all is 'Conservative' peer Baroness Warsi. As I said in my last post, no matter how well educated and secular they are, it seems many immigrants (and their children) from Muslim countries can NEVER shake off their sense of Islamic supremacism and most of all their antisemitism. It is in their bones.

And now expect the standard game to be played out as follows:
  1. Politician X is discovered to have made multiple antisemitic statements, supported terrorism against Israel and called for the destruction of the Jewish state.
  2. X says these statements do not represent their real views and/or were taken our of context.
  3. X says that he/she is a fierce anti-racist who loves Jews but disagrees with the policies of Zionists. 
  4. Media and other politicians claim that X is being smeared by a Zionist campaign of hatred.
  5. Board of Deputies issues a statement expressing concern, but follows it up by saying they now accept that X is in no way antisemitic and they look forward to a series of meetings with X, during which they will apologise for ever suggesting X was in any way antisemitic.
  6. X is promoted and appointed to chair a committee on antisemitism, and also becomes a much-loved media personality.

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Mr. Cohen said...

Kali Sayyid said:

“Even if Israel ceased to exist, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia would immediately clash over Palestine. So the end of Israel does not guarantee a Palestinian state.”

SOURCE: The Origins of the Middle East Mess, a Caspian Report Kali Sayyid, posted as a 9.5-minute YouTube video, published 2012/12/27

Syria and Jordan would claim that Palestine belongs to them. Egyptian control of Palestine would strengthen their hold on both sides of the Suez Canal. Saudi Arabia believes that it is the guardian of Islamic holy places, which gives it reason to control Palestine. ISIS (the Islamic State) has already revealed that it has no intention of giving the Palestinians their own independent state even of all Jews would leave Palestine. Therefore, even if Israel were wiped-off-the-map, the Palestinians would NOT get their own state.

Anonymous said...

Simple historical fact.... Jews and Israelites have been in that part of the Middle East for over 2,000 years. Moslems and the Islamic religion have been around for less that 500 years. End of.....

In fact what were the Palestinians before they converted to Islam en-masse?

Unknown said...

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