Sunday, August 11, 2019

Twitter exchange shows that every Corbyn supporter really has bought into the antisemitic lies he spews about Israel

This is an actual exchange I had on twitter last week (my twitter handle is @Cant_fool_me) with some key text highlighted. These people really are not very bright are they? But this is Corbyn's base.


Mr. Cohen said...

Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

The Grand Mufti [Islamic leader] of Jerusalem,
in addition to becoming Hitler’s ally during
World War II, adapted Nazi genocidal
theory to Islamic theology.

He called on his Muslim brothers to:

“Murder the Jews! Murder them all.”

Other Islamic leaders used Nazi words like
“extermination” in referring to the goals
of Arab victory [against Israel].

SOURCE: Chutzpah
by Alan M. Dershowitz (chapter 4, page 119)
published in year 1991, by Little Brown & Co
ISBN: 9780316181372 * ISBN: 0316181374


Martin Gilbert said:

Determined to keep Jews from Palestine,
on 12 May [1942 CE] Haj Amin [al Husseini,
the Mufti* of Jerusalem] asked
Hitler to press the Bulgarian government
not to allow the [Jewish] children to leave.

His intervention was effective.

On 27 May [1942 CE], Clifford Norton reported
from Berne that the Bulgarian government
“have now decided, under German pressure,”
to close the Bulgarian Turkish frontier
“to all Jews.”

* NOTE: A mufti is an Islamic
scholar and interpreter of Islamic religious laws.

SOURCE: Churchill and the Jews
(chapter 17, page 194) by Martin Gilbert, year 2007 CE


Mr. Sean Durns [a senior research
analyst for CAMERA dot org] said:

In 1937, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem,
Amin al-Husseini released an
“Appeal to All Muslims of the World,” urging
them “to cleanse their lands of the Jews”
and laying the foundation for the anti-Semitic
arguments used by radical Arab nationalists
and Islamists to this day.

The Mufti’s war against the Jews
by Mr. Sean Durns, 2019 July 24

Mr. Cohen said...

Mr. John Rossomando said:

“[IUMS Trustee Sheikh Hassan Ould]
Aldo and the [Muslim] Brotherhood
use language similar to what Hamas
used in its original charter, which
rejected any peaceful coexistence.

To them, Palestine is part of a
waqf, a holy Islamic trust,
that no person can negotiate away.”

SOURCE: Muslim Brotherhood,
Hamas: No Peace as Long as Israel Exists

by Mr. John Rossomando, 2019 July 1


Uzi Baruch wrote:

Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed
Has banned the wearing of the niqab
[Islamic] face-veil in public institutions
“for security reasons.”

SOURCE: Tunisia bans the
niqab Muslim face cover in public

by Uzi Baruch, 5/7/2019
for Israel National News

QUESTION: When will Europe and North America
follow their wise example, and ban the niqab?


Mr. Stephen M. Flatow [an attorney in
New Jersey and father of Alisa Flatow [RIP],
who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored
Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995] said:

“...Israel ended its rule over 98 percent [98%]
of the Palestinian Arabs back in [year] 1995.

It is the Palestinian Authority that rules them.

The gang [of political Far-Leftists
and Progressives and Socialists] knows
that Israel does not rule the area.

So why do the Progressive Networkers
persist in promoting the fantasy
that Israel rules over the Arabs?

Because demonizing Israel as the
occupier galvanizes their followers.

It gives them something to be upset about...”

SOURCE: Ten Jewish groups unite
against Israeli democracy
by Stephen M. Flatow

Anonymous said...

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