Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Reminder: Britain still paying convicted terrorists

Kay Wilson is the British Israeli tour guide who, in 2010, miraculously survived a brutal machete attack by two sadistic Palestinian terrorists (Aiad Fatfata and Kifah Ghanimat) while hiking in a forest near Jerusalem. The American tourist she was escorting - Kristine Luken - was murdered in the attack. The terrorists simply wanted to 'kill some Jews' (although Kristine was in fact a Christian). Kay Wilson just posted this tweet about the UK Goverment's continued funding of Palestinian terrorists, including Aiad Fatfata and Kifah Ghanimat.

(Of course, if Britain's Jewish community 'leaders' used even a fraction of the effort they spend campaigning against "Islamophobia" on stopping the Govt's continued funding of convicted terrorists then this could all have been stopped long ago. But instead all those 'leaders' are now investing efforts in demonizing such obvious threats to the Jewish community like Colonel Richard Kemp and Melanie Phillips because of their "Islamophobia". See articles by Jonathan Hoffman and David Collier about this).

Incidentally when a friend of mine wrote to their MP about the Government funding Kay's killers in 2013 this was the response letter. It say the  Government cannot reduce aid to the PA as there could be "all manner of unintended consequences". In others words "we must keep paying the terrorists otherwise their terrorism might get even worse".

Also interesting to note is what this MP says about the 'unnacountable EU'. This Labour MP subsequently campaigned strongly to remain in the EU......Typical hypocrisy.

See: UK funding Palestinian terrorists: how this could have been stopped

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