Thursday, October 08, 2015

Perfect illustration of anti-Israel bias in the UK media

I've sent the following abbreviated complaint to Nick Ferrari at LBC and the full complaint below.
Dear Nick
While you have completely ignored the continued vicious unprovoked terrorist attacks by Palestinians that are now killing and injuring Israeli civilians daily, on 25 September you spent 30 minutes spewing vicious slander and blood libels against Israel based on the false account of what happened when a Palestinian woman was shot during one such terrorist attack. You gave no context for the story and said that Israelis had no right to self-defence against knife attacks by women.  Given that the Israel account of events was proven correct, I expect an on-air apology
Full complaint to LBC:
Nothing sums up the inherent antisemitism of the British media than a segment of Nick Ferrari's prime time morning show on LBC on 25 September when he spent 30 minutes spewing vicious slander and blood libels against Israel. Taking account of the context and evidence I demand an on-air apology from Ferrari for his ignorance, bias, and lies for the reasons set out below.   

In the previous weeks Israelis had been victims of  multiple, unprovoked knife, car and rock attacks (not to mention rockets from Gaza and Syria) which had claimed the lives of civilians including babies. Not a single one of these hundreds of incidents got a mention on the '24 hour news' channel that is LBC. In one of these incidents a female Arab terrorist (Hadeel al-Hashlamunarmed) was armed with a knife concealed under a burka and ignored calls by soldiers to put her weapon down for several minutes, before lunging at them with the knife. At that point she was shot in the lower part of her body. She later died in hospital. As IsraellyCool reported on 25 September the British media only took an interest in the story when an alternative anti-Israel narrative was spun. Based on a photograph showing that the terrorist was very short while the soldier was tall the Palestinian lie industry claimed that the woman could not have been a terrorist and some even claimed she was unarmed.

Accepting the Palestinian narrative unquestioningly Nick Ferrari (on what was a very heavy news day in the UK) devoted the entire slot between 8.30 and 9.00am to a barrage of abuse against Israel. His invited 'guest expert' to speak about the story was a member of the UK Palestine Solidarity Committee a group of congenital liars and antisemites whose only objective is to destroy the Jewish state. None of the callers seemed to know the true facts about the incident and those who called to defend Israel were ridiculed by Ferrari who repeatedly said that "even if she had a knife what possible harm could she have done with it; it was only a knife".

In fact a subsequent investigation has confirmed that the original Israeli account of what happened was true

But especially relevant is that fact that, in the last week there have been several hundred terrorist attacks by Palestinians (often individuals using knives) against Israel civilians resulting in several deaths and multiple injuries. But yet again LBC has been unable to find the time to mention any of these and, of course, they have been ignored by Nick Ferrari. This is despite the especially savage nature of the attacks and the fact that they have been greeted with widespread celebrations by the Palestinian community. For example, on 1 October Palestinians shot and killed Eitam and Naam Henkin in front of their four young children (all under 10). But of especial significance was the attack by Palestinian terrorist Mohammed Halabi (who, in contrast to the media’s narrative of Palestinian desperation and poverty, came from a wealthy family and was a law student at Al Quds University). On 3 October Halabi killed Nehamia Lavi and Aharaon Benita with a knife in Jerusalem while other Arabs looked on and applauded. He also stabbed Benita’s wife Adele and baby. They survived, but only after Adele was slapped, spat at and laughed at by the Arab passers-by while the knife was still in her body. Despite all of this being captured on video, Nick Ferrari did not feel it worthy of mention – let alone a half-hour spot on prime time. Dead Jews – no matter how horrific and bizarre the circumstances - is no news.

And here is something for Nick Ferrari to look at (Courtesy: via Drora Klement Katzav at Documenting Anti-semitism).  This is a victim of a terrorist stabbing today in Jerusalem.

 Dozens of these attacks are now taking place daily with the incitement of the Palestinian Authority. As Drora says: "why aren't we seeing this image in every single newspaper around the globe? or at least, the big newspapers?"

And here is an example of the 'harmless rocks' that the Palestinians are throwing at motorists and passers-by.

There are still people in the Jewish community who delude themselves that Nick Ferrari is 'pro-Israel' on the basis that he once spoke at an Israel rally. On his own admission his views have since by influenced by his 'Turkish Muslim driver' who takes him to work each morning. No doubt the kind of London based Turkish Muslims who actually convinced a close (non-Jewish) friend that Israeli soldiers in Gaza stuffed Palestinian babies into their tank turrets before firing them.

I've been tracking LBC's anti-Israel obsession for a few years now - so I thought it was worth providing a set of links to previous postings:

Also see Caroline Glick's outstanding article today that summarises Mahmoud Abbas's central role in the current terrorist onslaught.


longfuse said...

Excellent work that deserves an accolade. I was not aware of Nick Ferrari's biases.

Anonymous said...

This is just bigoted Zionist sophistry. You fool nobody, only yourself.