Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Today's pro-Israel 'rally', Muslims attack Jews in London, and the media playing the numbers game again

Some photos above and below from this evening's event that I attended. It was supposed to be outside the Palestinian Mission in London to protest against the ongoing Palestinian terrorism but, as is common when Jews organise this kind of event, the anti-Israel mob (laughingly called 'pro-Palestinians') not only turn up in force but got prime spot outside the 'Mission', while the pro-Israel crowd were assigned to an alley far away and out of sight. Well I guess it is a perfect analogy for the way the British media represents the ongoing terrorism in Israel. And so - instead of seeing any kind of revulsion (or even mild protest against their direct support for terrorism) - the Palestinian Authority people in that mission (like their leaders in Ramallah) will be comforted to know that no matter how much terrorism they carry out and no matter how gruesome and indiscriminate the slaughter they inflict, they will continue to get great support from all over the world and never be called to answer for their crimes. That's some incentive to stop isn't it?

I would have thought that with both a real war being conducted against the Jews in Israel and a simultaneous media war to cover it up (or blame the Jews) there would have been a very good turn out, especially as it was promoted by some of the 'official Jewish' organisations including the Board of  Deputies. But the turn-out was very poor (I counted about 80-90 people) and the Board of Deputies were - like their presence throughout the current crisis - invisible.

After the rally I met a young orthodox Jew called Efrayim Goldstein from Stamford Hill. As if to confirm what I have been saying (e.g. to my MP) about the impact of  the inverted reality reporting by the British media (which turns Muslim terrorists into victims and slaughtered Jews into oppressors) he told me that there has been an upsurge of antisemitic attacks in Stamford Hill over the last two weeks. Just today there were three attacks including Muslims shouting all Jews must die at a coach load of children and an attack on a Jew whose car window was smashed. I have since seen reports confirming this here, but again of course it is ignored by the main stream media, especially as the attackers were Muslims.

Finally I was waiting for this to happen and it has started. Finding it more difficult than usual to pin ALL the blame on Israel for the wave of terrorism against it the media has started to play the numbers game - something which is unique to coverage of Israel.  So, for example, prominent in tonight Evening Standard is this statement:
"Six Israelis and 27 Palestinians, including nine alleged attackers and eight children, have died after almost two weeks of street attacks and security clampdowns"
So, apart from understating the Israeli dead and ignoring the hundreds of Jews injured, the Standard fails to state that ALL of the Palestinians killed were attackers and that includes the 'eight children'. But, hey they play the numbers game now because it fits their narrative. A number like 750 Muslim attacks against Jews in the last two weeks compared with 1 Jewish attack against Muslims (which incidentally was carried out by a 16-year-old and hence is as much as a 'child' as the 8 Palestinians above who, by virtue of being 17 and under are not classified as 'attackers') does not fit the media narrative.

In the distance here are the anti-Israel protesters
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