Thursday, October 15, 2015

The antisemitic scorecards are back - so here are some alternatives

Update 19 Nov 2015: Change to the scorecard. Since one of the five people killed in today's terrorist attacks against Israel was an Arab this means that he, along with all the terrorists who have been killed during the attacks, will be added to the Palestinian scorecard and not the Israeli scorecard. That means that Israel is officially blamed for his death also.

Original Post (15 October 2015):

The most iconic textual images from last summer's Gaza war (as on all previous occasions when Israel finally responded to terrorist attacks from its neighbours) were the incessant 'number of deaths' scorecards that were shown tickertape fashion on every single news channel 24 hours a day. This obsessive ritual is used only when Israel is involved in a conflict (did you ever see the number of dead British or US civilians mentioned when those countries mount attacks against Arab countries)? . Because of the lengths that Israel goes to in self-defence, the number of dead Israelis is invariably lower than that of its enemies. So the scorecard is a very simple trick with which to demonize Israel.

Now, finding it more difficult than usual to pin all the blame on Israel for the current wave of unprovoked terrorism against it, the media (by which I mean every single newspaper that has bothered to report at all on what is happening and every news channel including supposedly 'pro-Israel' Fox News) has brought back the scorecard in order to demonize Israel.
So, for example, the following text has appeared everywhere today:

"8 Israelis and 30 Palestinians, including 11 that Israel alleges were attackers and eight children, have died after almost two weeks of street attacks and security clampdowns"
Apart from ignoring the hundreds of unprovoked terrorist attacks against Jews and the number injured, this scorecard refuses to acknowledge that ALL of the Palestinians killed were attackers and that includes the 'eight children'. There are any number of scorecards that could have been chosen (see below). This one has been chosen and framed because - even in the face of hundreds of unprovoked attacks where only self-defence has been used - Israel can be cast by its enemies as the real aggressor, and by its 'friends in the US and UK' as using 'disproportionate force'. The scored is pure antisemitism.

And here are the scorecards which, curiously you never see:

*Still no actual suspects in the Duma fire that killed two Palestinian and which authorities claimed was the result of arson by 'Jewish' terrorists.

Update: Just seen this announcement trying to ban the Israeli deputy ambassador from speaking at a University debate:

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Toda Raba from the Netherlands. Both RC and protestant Churches, and RC monastries are praying much for the Jews and the State of Israel.