Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wow: It took an Intelligence Agency to discover that Arab Muslim immigrants might be antisemitic...

Above is a screen capture from the front page of the Jerusalem Post a few minutes ago. In other news after extensive highly secret and expensive investigations, European Intelligence Agencies have discovered that the Pope might be a Catholic and that it might rain in Manchester in the next 3 months.

Still I guess it is something that the German Intel have discovered the bleeding obvious all by themselves, since it is considered 'Islamophobic' to actually point out that most Arab Muslims  are brainwashed into antisemitism from birth. In fact, for Syrian refugees Israel remains enemy #1. But they could have looked at this table I posted a few weeks back:

*Number of countries that are signatories to UNHRC convention on refugees and asylum seekers
** BBC report says each refugee costs £50,000 per annum the UK
***Pew Poll of 2015 showed 63% of Muslims want to live under sharia law
****Jews who fled Muslim antisemitism in Algeria and Morocco for France have now been forced to flee France mainly because of Muslims immigrants (especially from Algeria and Morocco). Almost all the current surge of antisemitism throughout European is due to Muslim immigrants.
*****The wealthy Arab Sunni Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE  have been the principle funders of the various wars yet have taken 0 Sunni refugees. And of course Shia Muslim Iran has played the biggest external role in all of the wars and has taken 0 Shia refugees. Meanwhile one minority who deserves refugee status - the Kurds - are being stopped by Turkey from getting a safe haven in their own lands. The other minorities like the Christians and Yazidis (who make up a very small minority) are of course not covered by the above and should be taken in by Christian countries.


fairbrit said...

Please keep these graphics coming! Somehow it intensifies the facts when one can view the statistics in front of one's eyes. Brilliant work.

Daphne Anson said...

I second that! Great work as always, Edgar.

Blue_and_White_Avenger said...

It's surprising how ignorant the populace (German and British) is and how much their heads, (along with our political leaders) are stuck in the sand. At some stage, with the creaking infrastructure and services plus criminal behaviour of the immigrants, they must get it?