Saturday, October 31, 2015

Jewish student complains about Hitler poster on Birmingham University campus - gets bombarded with antisemitic (and anti-Israel) abuse

When Jewish student Izzy Lenga complained about the above "Hitler was right" poster being put up at Birmingham University she might have expected a sympathetic response. Below is a sample of the hundreds of 'supportive' messages she got on twitter (and Britain's 'official Jews' - especially CST and JLC take note: stop deluding yourselves that antisemitism in the UK has got nothing to do with the tsunami of anti-Israel lies propagated by the media and politicians).

New tweets are coming in all of the time. These are a few from yesterday:

@izzyjengalenga Ashkenazi wasting police time because they don't like the truth. Suck it up

@noahlevy94 @vicmandrake @izzyjengalenga I am sickened by the crimes and perversions of #Jews #HitlerComeBack

@DanTwitWit I cry how these parasites aren't glassed every day #SaveUsIran @izzyjengalenga @drewmistak

Tyr Man @AryanIsOurTitle @izzyjengalenga Adolf Hitler was right. He is the hero for every European, but most are under the veil of lies told about Adolf Hitler.

Glengoolie Black @GlengoolieBlack This bitch is the problem with the UK. Making everything about the Jews. #HitlerWasRight #FuckAllNonWhites …

Glengoolie Black ‏@GlengoolieBlack 18 hrs18 hours ago @izzyjengalenga Hitler hated all people of colour, stop making this just about the jews. They whine enough as it is. #HitlerWASRight

John Preston ‏@ClericPreston2 16 hrs16 hours ago @unibirmingham @izzyjengalenga You called the policed over a difference of opinion ?Isn't University supposed to be about conflict of ideas?

audrey ‏@2nd_hydra 16 hrs16 hours ago @izzyjengalenga i bet you put this up yourself, you just want more victim points

Ban Xenophilia ‏@AWashington88 15 hrs15 hours ago @izzyjengalenga @Bjorn_blonde how is this anti Jew? It doesn't mention Jews at all or what Hitler was right about..

sadie ‏@segaqt 11 hrs11 hours ago i'm glad we're finally teaching history accurately in our schools @izzyjengalenga

Lucien Dumatin ‏@Luci3nDM 9 hrs9 hours ago €50 says she posted them herself... Wouldn't be the first time a "proud jew" did so GamerGate Developer ‏@GamerGateSF 7 hrs7 hours ago @izzyjengalenga @bird_bangs Hitler did nothing wrong

Not Jay ‏@SchmukkenSchmay 7 hrs7 hours ago @bird_bangs @GamerGateSF @izzyjengalenga not true hitler did do something wrong his paintings were shit

park ‏@bird_bangs 7 hrs7 hours ago @SchmukkenSchmay @GamerGateSF @izzyjengalenga Not true. I enjoyed his work with zyklon b.

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