Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Comic Relief funds the people who legitimize the murder of 4-year-old Adelle Biton

Two years ago Adelle Biton (then aged two) miraculously survived a rock attack by Palestinian terrorists which left her with severe neurological damage. She died today after her condition deteriorated rapidly. Adelle is one of many Israeli civilians who have been killed or severely wounded by Palestinian rock attacks in the last few years. These attacks are never reported in the Western media (and, indeed, the overwhelmingly leftist Israeli media also does its best to cover them up) except in the context of them being an example of 'weak Palestinians throwing harmless stones against evil Zionists with guns'.

Organisations like War on Want and the openly terrorist supporting International Solidarity Movement (one of whose founders Atif Choudhury is a member of  War on Want's Council of Management)  regard stone-throwing by Palestinians as legitimate, 'peaceful' acts of resistance. Their relentless campaign to delegitimise Israel also ensures that children like Adelle Biton are dehumanised as "Zionist settlers" deserving of punishment (in fact the ISM mounted a campaign in support of the stone-throwers who attacked Adelle).  They even encourage and brainwash westerners to go to Israel and participate in the harassment of Jews. For example, Kayla Meuller (the American recently murdered by ISIS) was a member of ISM sent to Israel and who was proud to boast of her participation in the stone throwing; the world media called her a 'human rights activist dedicated to world peace'. They say the same about War on Want and the many dozens of other organizations dedicated to the delegitimisation (and ultimate destruction) of the Jewish State.

I have been warning about War on Want for many years. Yesterday the newly formed Jewish Human Rights League protested about the organisation's continued antisemitism  and its recent anti-Israel stunt that involved handing out fake guns to British students.

What many people still do not know is that War on Want receives a lot of its funding from the British Government and the EU. Even more scandalous is that it continues to receive funding from Comic Relief, even though this BBC mega-Charity implies that this should not be possible from its 2013 report (see letter below). No doubt Comic Relief and War on Want would both argue that the money from Comic Relief goes to 'special projects' unrelated to its anti-Israel campaign. However, as reported here, there is very little that War on Want does that is not a political campaign to delegitimise Israel and intimidate its Jewish population. Moreover, it is surely impossible to claim that such money does not in part support the senior full-time funded members of War on Want such as Rafeef Ziadah who the BBC is only too pleased to invite on to spread lies and propaganda against Israel (without informing viewers who she actually is).

The following is a self-explanatory letter I sent last week to Comic Relief.  They are normally fairly fast to respond but they have not this time. When someone asks you to buy a red nose make sure to tell them where to stuff it (especially when you consider the other anti-Israel organisations they fund).

Dear Sir/Madam
War on Want is an organisation that is almost entirely focused on a political campaign to destroy the Jewish State of Israel
Unknowing Brits (mostly youngsters) who send in their hard earned cash to Comic Relief thinking it will go directly to help the starving in Africa will surely be astonished if they knew that in fact Comic Relief continues to fund War on Want (£139,407 in 2013 and £27,790 in 2014)**** as stated in War on Want's own annual report
Yet it seems Comic Relief is covering up its funding of War on Want. There is no mention of funding War on Want on the Comic Relief website and the Comic Relief International Funding Guide document (which was written in 2013, i.e the same year a very large sum was given to War on Want to support its antisemitic activities) suggests that your international grants go exclusively to projects in sub-Saharan Africa.
I am planning to write a blog article about Comic Relief's support for charities that fund anti-Israel political activity this week, so would be grateful of any update as soon as possible.
Edgar Davidson
****3 March 2016 update: Comic Relief has provided its biggest grant yet - over £500,000 - to War on Want for a project starting 2016 ending 2020. This was on the Comic Relief website when I checked this morning.

Update: I have made a formal complaint to the Charities Commission now
Update August 2015:Confessions of an ISM member

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Anonymous said...

Thanks - sickening that these inciters of racial hatred are praised, not charged by the authorities.

Unknown said...

Well said - and thanks for "War on Jews": I hope that phrase is not copyrighted because I want to use it!

SarahB said...

I am struggling to find the details of the £500,000 grant you mention on the Comic Relief website - can you point me to it please?

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

SarahB: Here is the link to the full list of grants: http://d3sdw3w1rtwn8w.cloudfront.net/sites/comicrelief.com/files/files/downloadables/Comic_Relief_International_Grants_List_300915.pdf
War on Want (£590,719) for a project 2015-2020

SarahB said...

Many thanks