Thursday, February 12, 2015

Obama slams Winston Churchill as root of all today's problems*

President Obama has followed up on his controversial interview with by claiming  in  a new interview with that all of today's problems were caused by Winston Churchill. Obama said:
Just because a bunch of countries in Europe were randomly overrun by groups of vicious zealots during 1935 to 1939 was no reason at all for Winston Churchill to allow Britain to go to war with the peaceful nation of Germany. Then, when there were 572,896 completely random airplane bombing attacks that affected London for 254 consecutive nights during the so-called blitz, Churchill unwisely tried to blame a single nation.
Had Churchill been a great, mature leader like me he would have investigated each of the bombings as separate crimes and sought to find, arrest and prosecute the individuals responsible for each one.  Instead Churchill, spurred on by the media, blew the whole thing out of all proportion. The fact that millions of folks - from multiple ethnic backgrounds - were randomly killed in gas chambers was a tragic consequence of Churchill's aggressive actions. But far more tragic is the fact that the whole world was diverted from what was already then the only major existential threat: climate change. Had I been the leader of the free world in 1939 not only would there have been no more wars, but we would have ended climate change by devoting all of the world's resources to that, even if meant closing down all industry and transport. 
* satire but not much different to what he said in his actual interview. In fact, in addition to his comments about the random killing of people in a Paris 'deli', Obama really did still refuse to mention Islam in connection with terrorism and he really did say terrorism was not a major threat, whereas climate change was an existential threat. And, in defending Obama's 'random attack statement', his spokesman Jen Psaki not only refused to use the words "Jewish" in respect to the victims (referring instead to 'a particular ethnic minority') but she then blatantly lied in saying that not all of the victims were of that same 'ethnicity'.

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