Sunday, February 22, 2015

What is the Board of Deputies doing to combat Israel Apatheid week?

Update (25 Feb 2015): 7 days later the Board of Deputies has still not acknowledged the letter below.

Below is a copy of a letter a friend has just sent to the Board of Deputies. It will be interesting to see if they reply (they have never once replied to anything I have ever sent them).
Dear Board of Deputies

As I am sure you are aware British Universities are about to embark on " Israel Apartheid" week - the annual, thinly disguised anti-semitic hatefest of lies and propaganda. Although this event is sponsored by extremist organisations that seek the total destruction of the Jewish State, and although every one of their lies can be easily challenged, the lack of any organised response by the 'Jewish Community' has allowed this event to become mainstream and credible. In the current climate in which anti-Israel activism is so clearly a cover for violent anti-semitism, it surely about time that stopped.

My daughter studies at XXXXXX University and feels extremely intimidated and threatened by this event having been through it once before.

I would like to know what the Board is doing to help Jewish students on campus at this difficult time. Is it distributing leaflets and other material to challenge the most common lies about Israel 'apartheid'? There are many such easily available resources that could be used such as these
Is it sponsoring Israel stands and speakers to directly challenge the lies and propaganda?

These kinds of modest activities would surely cost the Board significantly less than it recently spent taking a number of Imams on a trip to Paris, and it would also be more consistent with the Board's stated primary objective "to protect Jewish communal interests".

The last paragraph refers to the event described in this posting.

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