Thursday, November 27, 2014

United Nations: Gaza flooding catastrophe caused deliberately by Israel's Iron Dome system

Photographic proof used by UNWRA that Israel's Iron Dome caused Gaza flooding today
The United Nations has declared Gaza a disaster zone today after torrential rain and flooding forced at least 5 people to flee their homes without umbrellas. The UNWRA spokesman in Gaza, Mr Jihad Hamas Islami, declared that the disaster was deliberately caused by Israel's iron dome system. In front of the world's press he declared:
"The iron dome system was switched on to divert heavy rain targeted at the Zionist entity directly into Gaza."
Hamas spokesman, Mr Islam Jihad Islam, said
"This despicable act of war will open up the gates of hell for the Zionist oppressors" 
However, the PA President Mr Mahmood Abbas did not fully agree with the Hamas prognosis regarding the Gates of Hell, cautioning:
"President Obama has disclosed to me that the Zionists now have an advanced version of the Iron Dome system which will shoot down the Gates of Hell before they are able to swallow up all the Jews.
He even warned that
"..the system may be able to divert the Gates of Hell back into Gaza."
An emergency session of the United Nations was held immediately following the disaster, resulting in a new resolution UNSCR 666 condemning Israel's actions. The resolution stated:
The flooding of at least 2 properties in Gaza is, with the exception of previous wars started by Israel,  the worst humanitarian disaster in the history of the world. Since Israel is held directly responsible for this action the UN deems that Israel can no longer be considered a legitimate state and so must dismantle itself. 
The resolution was passed by 218 votes to 1 (Micronesia being the only country to vote against the resolution). There was also one abstention, namely Israel.  When one extreme right-wing Israeli MK asked why Israel abstained, rather than vote against the resolution, an Israel government spokesman said that this was due to pressure from both Israeli Cabinet Minister Zippi Livni and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Livni was sympathetic to aspects of the resolution; before rejecting it, she wanted to see the results of an independent enquiry into the role of the Iron Dome system in the disaster, and felt that the point about Israel's legitimacy was something open for discussion.  She also made it clear that voting against the resolution would alienate Israel's many friends at the UN, who are already furious at Israel's recent plans to add a conservatory to Moshe Golderberg's ground-floor apartment in Jerusalem. John Kerry warned that if the Israelis voted against the resolution he would no longer be able to personally ensure the safety of Israelis anywhere in the world.

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p.s. Yes UNWRA really did declare Gaza a humanitarian disaster zone because of a bit of rain, even though not a single person was injured.  And in this story from last year Israel really was accused of flooding Gaza by opening non-existant dams.
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