Saturday, November 22, 2014

Jewish and Arab oganisations lobbying for a peaceful 2-state solution

The Jewish organisations listed here are those who claim to believe in the State of Israel but which focus exclusively on 'ending the Israeli occupation' and whose default position is that peace will come if only the Israelis reliquish this land. I believe there are many more (incidentally many of these are funded by the New Israel Fund).

I have not included the dozens of organisations (like 'Jews for Justice for Palestinians') who openly seek the destruction of the State of Israel. Nor have I included the hundreds of mainstream Zionist organisations (such as the UJIA) who are all committed to the 2-state solution (many of whom provide direct support to Palestinian causes) but who do not solely focus on 'ending the occupation'.

If anybody can provide the name of a single Arab/Muslim organisation who I can put in the empty box then I'd be glad to hear from them.

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Unknown said...

Muslims and Arabs against antisemitism
this is one organisation I know of that is against incitement but i think they campaign against the PLO rather than lobbying it. PLO is not a democracy so there is no lobby (alive) criticising it.