Thursday, November 20, 2014

Honouring terrorists

People who are not totally dependent on the main stream media for their news know that all Palestinian organisations - including the 'moderate' Palestine Authority and not just the terrorist groups like Hamas - honour terrorists who kill Jews above any other members of their society.  The two terrorists, Ghassan Abu Jamal and Uday Abu Jamal, who committed the synagogue massacre on Monday have already been hailed as heroic martyrs by every segment of Palestinian society; it is  certain that schools and soccer tournaments will be named after them by the Palestine Authority in the years to come.

But even those informed about the situation may be surprised to know that the same respect for terrorists who kill Jews is mainstream across much of the Muslim world. A very good example of this was the special prayer session held to honour the two terrorists at yesterday's opening session of Parliament in Jordan. Given the close relationship Britain has with Jordan and the fact we are continually told by the media how friendly and moderate Jordan is I have written the following self-explanatory letter to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (

Dear Sir/Madam

The UK has especially close ties with Jordan and we are continually told by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office that Jordan is one of our closest allies in the Middle East and a 'moderate nation fighting extremism'.

Can you therefore tell me what the FCO plans to do about the Jordanian Government honouring (in their opening Parliament session on 19 November 2014) the Palestinian terrorists who carried out the synagogue massacre in Jerusalem on 17 November?

Not only was this essentially a declaration of war against Israel (with whom Jordan has an increasingly worthless 'peace treaty') but it was also an affront to the British government's anti-terrorist policy.

I have previously written to you about the British Government's foreign aid budget going directly to fund Palestinian terrorists and received the less than acceptable response that 'to withdraw funding would only encourage more terrorism'. I would hope on this occasion that the actions of the Jordanian Government at least triggers a formal condemnation from the British Government.

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