Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fox News: Israel "construction on holy sites" to blame for terrorism

Fox News 20 Nov 2014. I did not manage to photograph the scrolling text but the exact text stated below was shown at 12.25pm UK time

Fox News is supposed to be the one TV media outlet that is not systematically biased against Israel. Yet today (at 12.25pm UK time) the following exact text appeared on the scrolling tickertape on Fox News after a statement about terrorist attacks in Jerusalem:
"The violence has been fuelled by Israel's illegal construction on holy sites"
I wonder what construction they are referring to? Is every part of Jerusalem now too holy for Jews to build on? If Fox News has now bought into such lies for its narrative then Israel's war in the media is even harder than anybody thought.

In the light of this I will shortly be updating my dedication to the useful idiots of TV News.

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