Thursday, November 06, 2014

Why Libyans running wild and committing rape in the UK is no surprise at all to me personally

The media coverage of the incredible story of an entire battalion of 300 Libyan soldiers running wild in leafy Cambridge UK has been fairly muted - presumably for the same reason that the entire political and media class has tried so hard to cover up the fact that the multiple cases of rape gangs throughout the UK consist almost entirely of Muslims

One especially pertinent aspect of the story picked up by Robert Spencer was the claim by a senior member of the Libyan battalion that the British were to blame for the soldiers' behaviour as the British 'did not tell us about British law and the difference between right and wrong here'. This attitude is something I have come across personally. In one of my former places of work we appointed a Pakistani man (aged 40 with a PhD and a family) on the basis of a telephone interview and extremely good references. He flew from Pakistan on a Sunday - the first time he had ever left Pakistan. Within thirty minutes of joining us on the Monday morning he sexually assaulted a female member of staff. When this was reported to me I confronted him about it. His response was that, since the member of staff was 'wearing a skimpy top' he assumed this meant it was OK to fondle her breasts. He further went on to claim that he had assumed that all young women in the UK were 'wanting to have sex'.

Anyway back to the Libyans. There are a number of aspects of this case which deserve very wide publicity. Here is what is known:
  • Many of the Libyans were involved in cases of sexual assault, including the rape of both men and women
  • Many were involved in theft and generally rowdy and abuse behaviour 
  • Although all 300 have been told to leave the UK, a number have gone 'missing' and are intending to claim asylum.
  • The UK is paying the full costs for the training of these soldiers
  • These 300 represented, apparently, the 'cream' of what Libya had to offer. The Foreign Office was planning to bring a further 7,000 Libyans to train here.
What I have asked the Foreign Office is the following:
  • Who thought it was a good idea to invite Libyan soldiers to the UK for training at our expense?
  • Is the Foreign Office not aware that there is no recognised Libyan Government (since the disastrous overthrow of Gadaffi) - instead a number of different Al Qaeda affiliated organisations run different major cities in Libya?
  • Do the Foreign Office not realise that 99% of returning soldiers to Libya will eventually become part of an Al Qaeda affiliated Islamist fighting group?
  • Was the Foreign Office not prepared for the likely behaviour of a group of foreign Muslim soldiers allowed to run free in Cambridge?
  • Why has the Foreign Office made no official statement about this incident, while it finds plenty of time to issue statements on matters of no business to the UK, such as condeming Israel for allowing Jews to build homes in Israel's capital city?
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What an intelligent and perceptive blogger obviously a man of great intelligence and sensitivity. Maybe he should restrict himself to the small subclass of decent american woman being Mrs Palmer and her five daughters.