Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Stephen Pollard is an idiot. Like the rest of Britain's pathetic virtue-signalling Jewish 'leadership'

In May 2018 Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard joined with multiple antisemites in a blood libel against Israel, accusing the Jewish State of massacring 'Palestinian civilians' who were storming the Israeli border with Gaza (he blocked me on twitter for calling him out on this). He later issued an apology for his blood libel statement when it was proved that those killed were Hamas terrorists.  In today's Daily Express (where he is also an Editor) he says it’s wrong to call Muslim terrorists "Muslim terrorists" because it "implies that all Muslims are terrorists". Stephen Pollard is an idiot.

Pollard is part of the elitist clique who think they know what’s best for British Jews (and he’s by no means the worst). We have seen with the recent decision by the Jewish 'leadership'  to demonize and silence Colonel Richard Kemp and Melanie Phillips (see articles by Jonathan Hoffman and David Collier about this), that they will not tolerate anybody who dares raise concerns about Islamic antisemitism and terrorism, They have bought into the whole "Islamophobia" narrative in an attempt to appease people like Baroness Warsi (who claims to oppose antisemitism while being a vicious enemy of the Jewish state, whipping up antisemitic hatred of it among British Muslims). What started with the demonization of Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer (all true friends of Israel and the Jewish people) and then Katie Hopkins and Douglas Murray, was never going to end with just them. Now they seek to silence anybody on the 'right' of politics who raises these concerns and even accuse anybody who supports them of being 'racists'.  So, while many of the Jewish community's best friends are shunned by the Jewish leadership, that same leadership is happy to work with (and even invite to communal events): Israel-hating agitators like Warsi, antisemitic anti-Israel leftist Muslims like Naz Shah, and any number of left-wing politicians and activists who supported both Corbyn and the boycott campaign against Israel.

The Board of Deputies, The Jewish Leadership Council, CST, the JC and even recently the CAA are all complicit in the "Islamophobia" narrative. They are failing Britan's Jews.

p.s. Oh what’s this? Naz "the Jews are rallying" Shah - who said "Israel should be moved to America" and that Islamic rape gang victims should "shut up for the sake of diversity"- was a guest at an event last week hosted by the Jewish News, The Board of Deputies and the JLC at the UK’s most prestigious Jewish community centre JW3 last week. Do you think they’d ever invite Tommy Robinson?

The BoD et al are fundamentally racists because they believe Muslims who are antisemitic have no agency over their antisemitism and hence cannot be held accountable for it. So, in their view Muslims must always be forgiven, whereas any white, 'right-wing' person who raises concerns about the Islamic threat is considered a 'racist' who can never be redeemed.

Why we must fear challenge and expunge the word Islamophobia


Kian said...

I am a big fan of CAA. What has CAA done to be complicit in promoting the Islamophobia thing?

Fahrenheit211 said...

Edgar, I completely agree with you about how the Jewish political and communal establishment is shameful. There seems to be an obsession in the upper echelons of groups like the BOD about not speaking ill of Islam even when honesty and decency would require such speech about Islam to occur. I agree also that Stephen Pollard is a bit of a virtue signalling idiot who in my view keeps the Jewish Chronicle on a woefully and dangerously leftist path. It is under Pollard's reign at the paper that people like Fiyaz Mughal formerly of the Tell Mama org are given a space to say, mistakenly in both my view and on the evidence of various studies into the matter, that Jew hatred is an issue for a 'tiny minority' of Muslims. However the reality, which is that there are a lot of Jew hating Muslims, is rarely if ever addressed by the JC.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Fahrenheit211: Sorry I've only just seen this comment 6 weeks late..The obsession with currying favour with the likes of Mughal has ultimately sealed the fate of the Jewish Chronicle. At the end of the day idiots like Pollard and Friedland before him were more concerned about being seen to be combatting 'Islamophobia' than they were about defending Jews.

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