Thursday, December 24, 2015

Let's all ignore Jews stabbed to death and self-flagellate on Jews stabbing a photo

Yesterday another two Jews were knifed to death by Palestinian terrorists in the centre of Jerusalem. Naturally, that story has been totally ignored (or mis-reported) by the main stream media. But another 'stabbing' story from Israel is being reported everywhere: some 'right wing extremists' filmed stabbing a photo of an Arab child  -  and Jews on social media have gone into full self-flagellation mode explaining why this proves we are just like Arab terrorists, so it is understandable that the world hates us.

The usual left-wing Israeli media sources have been jubilantly pumping the story to 'prove' their narrative that right-wing Jews are the biggest threat to national security. But even the Jerusalem Post had it as their main headline yesterday evening - with the story of the Jews killed in Jerusalem not even appearing in their top 4 stories. (UPDATE: Daniel Greenfield has an excellent analysis of the hysteria surrounding the video with an important reminder of the left's history of 'Jewish terrorism' claims) Meanwhile the real stabbing and killing of Jews continues relentlessly and is relentlessly unreported.

Where is the sense of perspective here? The behaviour of the Jews in the video is terrible, but a stabbed photo is not a stabbed person. And while this type of activity is a genuine abomination among Israeli Jews (and rightly condemned universally) much worse antisemitic incitement is practised - and universally welcomed - everywhere and every day by the Palestinian Arabs.

The media who are apoplectic with rage that some Jews stabbed a photo of an Arab child are the very same media who not only refuse ever to report on the far more vicious antisemitic incitement that takes place in every Arab school every day, but who also refuse to report on Arabs stabbing to death real Jewish children. And those Jews who are especially apoplectic with rage at the photo story are the very same Jews who tell us that Arab antisemitism and incitement is 'understandable' because Israelis are 'killing Arabs'.

Jews who think they are helping to address terrorism by grossly exaggerating minor non-violent incidents committed by Jews are simply playing into the hands of antisemites around the whole world. The world is not interested in stories of murdered Jews in Israel, but it laps up any stories that can cast Israelis as the villains. And it seems Jews are only too pleased to serve up and exaggerate such stories.

UPDATE: When I posted the above in response to a FaceBook friend who posted this article by David Horovitz he criticised me saying I had not condemned the extremists. When I replied that I had, he said:
Your condemnation is a tad glib and does nothing at all to address this issue seriously. Anyone reading your post would assume that there is really no problem with far right, ultra nationalism. No probs folks, nothing to see here, move on, move on. Read Horovitz. Then read your piece again. Then notice the difference.
Here is my response:
When the main stream media starts reporting about the incessant terrorist attacks against Israel and the incessant incitement and antisemitism in Arab and Muslim societies, then I might feel it is worth spending some of my time writing about the problems of Jewish extremists. Until then my time is best spent writing about things that few others do, rather than joining the chorus of self-flagellation that is used by antisemites to spread further hatred against Jews. And, incidentally, Horovitz's conclusion is simply stupid. He says that "unless the State of Israel reasserts its insistence on upholding the core Jewish values that these young people have lost .... these dancing youths... will bring down ruin upon us all." For a start, the State of Israel does more than any other country in the world to try to ensure its young people uphold decent principles - and I bet that (Israeli Arabs notwithstanding) there are fewer % racists in Israel than any other country in the world. To suggest that these people are going to bring down the State 'if nothing is done' is complete bullshit.
And here is a photo of one of the real victims yesterday:

And here is the tragic story of the other victim Ofer Ben Ari.

Also, I see that the terrorists were aged 19 and 20 respectively and had both been released from prison after terrorist convictions. Given their ages now that means they either got ludicrously light sentences for terrorist offences or were released as part of the Shalit deal. Anybody shed any light on this?

And here is the wider context for all of this:


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We the Jews must begin with yourselves. Jewish traditional craven leftism today unites with the Jewish Israel-hate(craven too). This creates the explosive mixture of the global Jew-hatred.