Tuesday, December 29, 2015

In deeds rather than words David Cameron is indisputably the most anti-Israel British PM in 45 years

The British Jewish Community sets spectacularly low bars over whom it considers to be a 'true friend of Israel'. If somebody told you personally that 'you have a right to exist' I do not think you would consider that person to be is a friend., especially if they were cutting off your arms and legs while they said it. But apparently a politician uttering the words "Israel has a right to exist" is all it takes for the British Jewish community to salivate over that politician and consider them to be a true friend of Israel, even while they are simultaneously working to undermine the Jewish State (the bizarreness of the 'right to exist' issue - a phenomenon unique to Israel -  is something I tackled extensively here).
This is no more evident than in the Jewish Community's obsequious respect of David Cameron. While Cameron offers warm words about Israel when he speaks at Jewish events (or in the Knesset) any leader has to be judged on actions not words. And in actions Cameron has led Britain's most anti-Israel government since Ted Heath in 1970-73. Every Prime Minister in between (Wilson, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair, and Brown) was a more natural - and real - friend to Israel than Cameron.

In order to have a single reference for all those who are easily seduced by Cameron I have decided to list some of the most relevant facts chronologically: 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these important links about how bad the Tories are. Your points are well taken. But the problem is that, despite all that, the Tories were and still are the least bad of the major parties likely to form a govt in 2015 or 2020. So it's either abstain (increasing the likelihood of a Labour or Lib-Dem govt) or hold your nose and vote Tory (in order to keep Labour and the Lib-Dems out of govt).


Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

To anonymous: I tend to agree with you, although in practice rather than words, I feel Cameron's policies are no different to what even Corbyn would do. The fact is the UK maintains diplomatic relations with Israel and trades with it to a certain extent and that is all. In every other respect the UK acts more like an enemy than a friend.