Monday, December 15, 2014

Jihad in Australia: nothing to do with Islam

Sheikh Haron: now comes the media's desparate attempt to cover up his extensive Islamic fundamalism

To save you reading the main stream media reporting of the Jihadist attack in Australia it can be summarised as follows:
  • This was not a terrorist attack in any possible sense
  • The attacker was an Iranian refugee with psychological problems
  • Nobody knows what might possibly by the motive for the attack, but what is absolutely certain is that it has nothing to do with Islam
  • In fact Islam has nothing to do with Islam 
  • The real victims of this incident are the Australian Muslim community who now face a totally unjustified 'backlash'. 
Other points to note for reporters in the main stream media who are still putting their stories together:
  • Do not mention anything at all about the attacker's extensive record of Islamic fundamentalism and Islamic inspired terrorist threats, nor even the Islamist honour killing of his wife (although you can mention that he was involved in the murder of his wife as 'proof' that he was simply a nutter whose previous crimes had nothing to do with Islam)
  • Since pictures of the hostages holding up the black flag of Allah have already been posted, you can refer to the flag as simply a "flag with writing that may be Arabic"
  • Makes sure nobody finds out about the meaning of the flag.
Update: The BBC's main story on the attack today does not contain a single instance of any of the following words: "Muslim", "Islamic", "Islam", "Islamist". It is as complete a cover up as I have ever seen.



Daphne Anson said...

An asylum seeker, allowed in in 2001, he was obviously a bizarre piece of work, and was an antisemite too:

Daphne Anson said...

Me again! Dr Rachael Kohn is a Canadian-born Australian academic who has for many years broadcast about religious matters on the ABC, the Aussie equivalent of the BBC. She is highly-respected. I find her article of great interest.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...


None of the UK media is mentioning anything about Haron's record of anti-Western incitement and open support for Islamic terrorism. It is as complete a cover up as I have ever seen. This is the BBC's main story on Haron this morning:

The words "Muslim", "Islam" do not appear anywhere.

Even the Daily Express - which is normally one of the few papers to talk about Islamic terrorism does not mention his support for islamic terrorism in its 2-page report.