Saturday, December 06, 2014

Board of Deputies bullies the Zionist Federation into boycotting pro-Israel speaker

Fresh from voting in the anti-Israel group Yachad, the Board of Deputies has resumed its campaign to silence the voices of any person who exposes the Jihad threat against Israel and Jews. The Board was instrumental in helping to ban Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from entering the UK. Now they are determined to silence anybody even associated with Pamela Geller. Hence, they have pressured the Zionist Federation into cancelling several talks by Israeli Dr Mordechai Kedar in the UK. The ZF should be ashamed of themselves for succumbing to the Board's pressure.

Who needs to worry about the anti-semitic Israel boycotters like the Palestine Solidarity Campaign bullies and all the rest when our very own Board of Deputies and Zionist Federation is more than happy to do the job for them?

Mordechai Kedar
Mordechai Kedar


Shirl in Oz said...

Hi Edgar, will write more about this to you off line but our JBD is doing great under a new Presidency.
I and others have worked very hard over the past couple of years getting people into positions on the Board which matter.
Now we have some huge changes in the wind.

Daphne Anson said...

Great graphic, Edgar. I have added it to my post on the same subject. I nearly entitled my post "Kedar KO-ed by Trembling Israelites" but on reflection that would have implied that the Tremblers had succeeded in keeping a good man down...

Anonymous said...

I want to follow you on Twitter. What's your Twitter identity?

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Shirl: it will be very difficult in the UK as all the 'leadership' momentum is in the opposite direction. Grabiner (founding member of Yachad) is also the Chair of the Jewish Chronicle so they have all the positions of influence sealed.

Daphne: Thanks. The worst thing is the ZF's capitulation.

a6z: I don't have a twitter account.