Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why has Britain's Consul-General in Jerusalem (Alastair McPhail) not been sacked?

McPhail (left) wearing his 'death to Israel' scarf; antisemitism at the heart of the Foreign Office

I have just sent this letter to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (
As you know Britain's Consul-General in Jerusalem (Dr Alastair McPhail) was recently photographed wearing a scarf with the notorious Hamas 'death to Israel' emblem on it (namely the map of Israel covered with the Palestine flag and the message "Free Palestine").
With the whole of Israel under constant rocket attack from the terrorist Hamas government of Gaza, it is a national disgrace that Britain's most senior diplomat in Jerusalem effectively declared his support for the stated objective of that terrorist organisation (namely the destruction of the entire State of Israel). This kind of open support for Hamas's position from senior politicians is fuelling a corrosive atmosphere in the UK whereby irrational hatred of Israel (for daring to defend itself) merges with antisemitism and is leading to Britain's Jews feeling threatened and marginalised.
The more we discover about this incident the more incredible it is that Dr McPhail still retains his position. As reported here the event that Dr McPhail was photographed attending was actually hosted by Islamic Relief which is well known as a front for Hamas and other Islamic terrorists organisations worldwide, not to mention its support for Islamic hate preachers. And, according to the report, it appears that the Foreign Office is not prepared to take any action against Dr McPhail and nor is he or the Foreign Office even prepared to issue an apology.The only 'apology' has come from Islamic Relief for 'publishing the photograph' (i.e. for spilling the beans).
I would be grateful of an explanation of the Foreign Office's actions and what possible benefit there is in retaining a 'diplomat' in a post where he has made clear his total contempt and hatred for one side. I would also like to know how the British Government continues to employ within its diplomatic ranks a man who openly supports a terrorist organisation. Would you support him if he also wore an ISIS scarf, because in both ideology and practice there is nothing to distinguish Hamas from ISIS?

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