Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jewish Chronicle's loathesome decision leads inevitably to yet more antisemitism and delegitimization of Israel

The Jewish Chronicle's decision to allow a full page advert for the DEC Gaza appeal (which is effectively screaming out "look what you Jews have done") was wrong for the simple reason that the whole appeal is wrong as explained here and also here.  Money raised inevitably goes through Hamas and the appeal is also about shaming Israel and the Jews. By accepting the ad (UPDATE: I understand the JC printed it without charge) the JC was tricked into a lose-lose situation that would always lead to further antisemitism and deligitimization of Israel; the media has now picked up on the inevitable Jewish backlash against the JC and, with the JC's apology for running the advert the media is spinning the story as one of how the heartless Jews resent humanitarian aid going to the poor children of Gaza. The individuals who have now been 'exposed' in these media reports as having tweeted criticism of the JC's decision are being bombarded with antisemitic and anti-Israel abuse.  (Update: The JC's facebook apology is also being bombarded by antisemites and anti-Israel trolls).

I have reported many times on this blog about the serial incompetence of the Jewish Chronicle and its increasingly ambivalent attitude to Israel (see examples here, here, here and here). This time they have sunk to a new low.

What the JC should have been telling its readers was that the DEC Gaza appeal is a political campaign run by 'charities' (like Oxfam, Christian Aid and Save the Children) with the most notorious record of using money to fund anti-Israel and anti-semitic political propaganda and even terrorist related organisations (Oxfam has already used the Gaza Appeal money to pay for a massive anti-Israel publicity stunt in central London). The list of charities even includes Islamic Relief, which is well known as a front for Hamas and other Islamic terrorists organisations worldwide, not to mention support for Islamic hate preachers. At the end of the day ALL of the money sent to Gaza will be overseen by Hamas because they control everything there including, of course, UNWRA. People who 'want to help the children suffering in Gaza' are being completely misled since every penny they send to this appeal will bolster Hamas and prolong the suffering of the children.

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