Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The brainwashing of the British public into believing the Hamas narrative

What the latest Gaza conflict has made clear is the extent to which anti-Israel activists have managed to ensure not just that the Hamas narrative dominates all public discussion, but that any alternative view is totally silenced.

It is almost impossible to understand how a supposedly 'free' Press has completely ignored the mass of evidence that shows their entire presentation of the conflict to be a tissue of lies. Every British newspaper (and TV News channel) without exception  - left, right and centre - has simply presented the Hamas narrative. This includes reporting - without questioning -  the Hamas reported casualty figures and the Hamas reported 'attacks on schools and hospitals by Israelis'. Although the latter have invariably turned out to be either a) completely false, b) the result of Hamas rockets or c) the result of Hamas firing from those locations, the media has uniformly refused to produce retractions or corrections.

Not a single newspaper or TV report has made clear that all their Gaza reporters are under the total control of Hamas, even though other countries' reporters have documented the abuses after they have left. With very minor exceptions, the ONLY reports from Israel have been those where the media sensed an opportunity to further demonize Israel (such as the story of civilians in Sderot cheering when missiles were targeted at Gaza, and where a group of extreme leftist 'anti-war' protesters in Tel Aviv were confronted by an angry crowd). The obsession with the Sderot story is especially telling since, for 15 years, the media has completely ignored the missiles that have rained down on that town almost every day from Gaza.

We are not talking about 'anti-Israel' bias here. That has been going on for years. We are talking about a totally uniform effort by the entire UK media to brainwash the public with hatred for Israel. While some of the newspapers have carried rare commentary pieces supporting Israel, these have been drowned out by the tsunami of anti-Israel commentaries; to the uninformed reader the pro-Israel commentaries must seem ludicrous since they speak of things that have NEVER been reported as part of the news, like: Hamas use of human shields, the Hamas charter to destroy Israel; the extent Israel goes to avoid civilian casualites; the thousands of Hamas rockets fired at Israel, etc.

It is not just the media that has uniformly participated in the brainwashing programme. Every political party, the trade unions, and academic institutions all form a crucial part of the programme.  Consider the case of the UK's medical profession and their flagship journal the Lancet. Contravening all rules of academic publishing the Lancet published a vicious piece of anti-Israel propaganda and failed to disclose that the authors of the article had financial links to Palestinian terrorist organisations. Even worse, the Lancet has refused to publish any response from Israeli medics such as this one. By refusing to publish a response the Lancet is able to keep us the big lie and stop its readers from knowing the truth.

"Israeli propaganda deconstructed"
The extent to which the big lie has brainwashed totally non-political people in the UK is something I have already covered. I've given previous examples of Facebook 'friends' who for the first time in their lives express an opinion on international affairs by posting some piece of anti-Israel propaganda saying things like "we must do something to save the children of Gaza from genocide". But today came another example that really shocked me from a Facebook 'friend' of my wife who actually never posts anything at all except about their common work interest. He is someone we have seen a lot of in the last three weeks and who knows of our close ties to Israel. We have spoken about the conflict with him. Yet today he put up his own post with the simple title "Israeli propaganda deconstructed". In the post he had actually taken the trouble to scan this letter by a moron from the socialist party's anti-Zionist "Stop the War Coalition".

At least Pat Condell gets its right (Hypocrisy over Gaza) - but of course he is never allowed to be seen or heard in the main stream media:


Anonymous said...

You are evil when you colonize a peaceful Palestine. You are evil when you take their land and kill, imprison, and torture them if they resist. You are evil when you are a racist bastard who builds walls to segregate. You are evil when you have no justification for your genocide and crimes against humanity other than "we are the chosen people and that's our promised land".
You are good when you defend your homeland against ruthless Zionist terrorists. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

WOW , Edgar Davidson... Trying to brainwash with Israel's narrative . The terrorist State Who kills Women and Children and stole land of Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is saying Hamas is good. And criticism of Israel is not antisemitism. Being a Jew state doesn't mean you are immune to criticism and the Israeli government has done quite a lot of illegal acts and plenty of heinous ones as well. It is Israel that bans journalists from what they don't want the world to see. It is Israel that has killed journalists who go where the state doesn't want. It is Israel who has recently enacted laws that can put in jail journalists who 'depict the Israeli government in a negative way'. Your own minister of Justice has called for genocide, with all its words, not suggested, not taken out of context. Your minister said it is their duty to kill every Palestinian woman so they cannot give birth to terrorists. It became fashion for a while among IDF soldiers to wear a t-shirt depicting a pregnant Muslim woman with a bull's on her with the legend 'One shot two kills'. There is at least 5 documented cases of IDF soldiers killing children from watchtowers. In none of those cases the kids posed any threat whatsoever, they were not throwing stones... they were simply walking around. I have seen myself a bulldozer run over a woman and two kids. Israel tosses Palestinians out of their houses even today... Gosh, I can spend hours talking of all the verifiable atrocities of that nasty country, and in no point you dare say that you have the right to do all those things with impunity and that calling on those is antisemitism in any way.