Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Gaza DEC appeal: a case study in support for Hamas terrorism in the UK

Since Thursday it has been impossible to watch TV, listen to the radio or even look at your computer without being bombarded with impassioned pleas to donate to the "Gaza crisis" DEC (Disasters Emergencies Committee) appeal. The appeal is a case study in hysteria, propaganda, and support for Islamic terrorists while ignoring all the genuine tragedies and crises being inflicted by Islamic terrorists all over the world. The appeal is even showing up in my facebook page about a dozen times a day***, while a West Ham Utd football fan sent this message:
I use the Newsnow site to get information on particular topics as reported round the world (usually for news about West Ham). Every topic you now type in starts with an appeal for Gaza. This is the one and only item ever to appear on this site not related to the subject asked about. What's the connection between the Hammers and Gaza apart from the area around Upton Park looking more like a part of the Islamic Caliphate?
DEC has boasted that in the first 24 hours of the Appeal they raised nearly £5 million which is apparently a record. Well, whatever is raised this DEC Appeal already wins the record for the most deceitful and least deserving charity appeal of all time as well explained here (maybe their next one can be for the families of Al Qaeda and ISIS members, because it is hard to see the difference).

And who are the 13 charities who form DEC? They include all the big charities with the most notorious record of using money (which members of the public assume is going to feed the starving) to fund anti-Israel and anti-semitic political propaganda and even terrorist related organisations: Oxfam**, Christian Aid and Save the Children (see here for information on these charities in relation to Israel). But what is really incredible is that the list includes the charity Islamic Relief which is well known as a front for Hamas and other Islamic terrorists organisations worldwide, not to mention support for Islamic hate preachers. At the end of the day ALL of the money sent to Gaza will be overseen by Hamas because they control everything there including, of course, UNWRA. People who 'want to help the children suffering in Gaza' must realise that every penny they send to this appeal will bolster Hamas and prolong the suffering of the children. 

The whole DEC Gaza appeal is part of an orchestrated political campaign to deligitimize Israel. It actually has nothing to do with raising money for the children of Gaza (UPDATE: further evidence for this is the fact the Jewish Chronicle has included a full page advert for the DEC appeal presumably paid for by somebody who wanted to 'torment and shame the Jews'). The Palestinians have been - by a very long way - the beneficiaries of far more aid per capita than any people in history (see here and here) and nobody ever asks why this money comes almost exclusively from the US and Europe rather than the fabulously wealthy Arab countries.

For people why say the conflict is 'too complex to understand' all they need to do is spend two minutes reading the Hamas charter. Yet the Hamas charter has never once been mentioned in the tens of thousands of hours of media time spent describing what is happening in Gaza.

Please forward this posting to people who are not normally politically active and who might be tempted to donate to this appeal (you will be surprised how many people have no idea about what these charities use their money for and how effective it can be to simply point out the truth to them)

** Update: Oxfam has already used the Gaza Appeal money to pay for a massive anti-Israel publicity stunt in central London. And a much later update (17 Sept 2014): Hamas leaders take $700 million from the recent charity donations.

***When I first received the DEC Appeal on facebook page on Thursday evening asking me to donate "just £25 to help feed the starving in Gaza" I posted the following message:
 And £24.99 of that £25 will go towards more Hamas rockets. Where is the DEC appeal for the Yazidis being massacred by Islamists? Or the 2 million Israeli kids who were living in shelters for 4 weeks because of rockets from Gaza fired by the people you are now raising money for.
My message has actually got 68 'likes' (confirming that the DEC Appeal was probably targeting everyone who was 'speaking' about Gaza on Facebook, irrespective of which side of the debate) but has attracted the following considered responses:
Hadia Eshukri Tanya: you're giving an excuse to Zionism to your moral values ...are you a Zionist?
Qasim Mahmood: "There's no reasoning with you murderers!"

Shahid Razzaq: "Only a Zionist would come out with this logic, you are sad creatures that have been found out,"

Hab Ib : "Typical Israeli Zionist spin on everything Terrorist Act they Commit bombing UN building etc, it's never their fault, Spin is towards, Palestine children fault!! Pure Evil Zionism!!"

Yassine Mkhichen "Ignorant prick!"

Helal Uddin "Chill out people. This is exactly wat the Zionist terrorist wants."

Syed Masood Ali: "Pity on yu Edgar , yu people can only provide donations to Israel for massacring innocent civilians and yu have no humanity in yu. Hamas only fired 3000 home made rockets and no Israeli civilian killed or injured. Israel dropped 25000 bombs in Gaza including one ton dirty bombs in civilian areas , which killed two thousand people including 400 kids and ten thousand injuries. Now get your facts rights , which side yu supporting. Israel is the biggest terrorist in the world."

Fahim Qureshi: "Zionists are Facists that justify mass murder"

Shahid Chowdhury: "You have no idea about what Israel is doing and why Hamas rocket attacks. If you are in cage illegally at least you'll try to let the people outside know what is happening to you. Gaza been illegally seized by Israel and Egypt. Hamas which is a democratically elected govt knows rocket attacks does not and can not do anything to Apartheid Israel backed by the most terrorist country on earth US, still does this to draw our attenttion!!!"

Rachael Hyatt: "how can anyone try and defend Israel, you mumble about shelters these people in Gaza including children are being slaughtered. its disgusting in comparison to what Gaza has suffered, Israel hasn't bin touched! I'd be ashamed to be a Jew."

Shereen O Connell: "Israel and its terrorist friends. Trolling all over Facebook. Desperate to prove you are not disgusting evil beings. Keep digging yourself bigger hole. You ate embarrassing yourselves."

Adeela Butt: "Palestine has been under israeli siege since 1947 since the Brits dumped the Jews on Arab land because they were afraid the Jews would take over Britain. Jews and Muslims were the best of freinds at one point in time. Both lived in peace in the Middle East until Britain and the USA ruined their relationship with lies and deceit. Infact the Authentic Jew and real Muslim are still friends with each other. Niether are in favour Zionism or a Zionist nation. If the Jew was in trouble the Muslim felt the pain and vice versa. Research history please to find out why this is happening."

Chahana Ibraheem: "For the Brits that love Israel so much, why don't you allow them to flood the UK and occupy your home and land, how about that? But no, you'd rather let the Palestinians suffer you hypocrites!"

Hadia Eshukri: "Edgar, you're an idiot, as you don't have any idea about Zionism...or probably you're one of them. Israel is a terrorist and fascist state ...are you a fascist?
Lesley Swain Go find your humanity and common decency before you instruct others. Maybe start with your Torah."
Qasim Mahmood: "You insensitive cunts wouldn't be saying this if your children were being murdered!"


Unknown said...

Thank you, at last a bit of logic and sanity in this sea of emotional claptrap we are being subjected to. I have seen the DEC commercial on TV tonight, and most of my friends are carried along by it, their lack of knowledge on what is really happening is very worrying and is creating a great deal of anti Israel sentiment.

I think that Hamas is encouraging western journalists, accommodating them in the luxurious al- Deira Hotel overlooking the mediterranean where they can write their stories about Israeli atrocities in Gaza in relative comfort and use video footage provided by Hamas.

Contrast the situation in northern Iraq where there are no journalists, it is far too dangerous, a much more serious and urgent humanitarian situation and little heart rending video footage. So no-one will want to do anything as no heart strings will be pulled.

I am 67 and retired, and I feel completely helpless. If I criticize Islam them I will be called an islamophobe and a racist (although I have no job to lose). OK I can write to my MP but in my case it is a waste of time (I'll do it anyway). I feel desperate about the situation in N Iraq and the rise of Islamism in the middle east and the UK, and yet I fell I can do nothing

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

You could try writing to the charities. The whole DEC Gaza appeal is part of an orchestrated political campaign to deligitimize Israel.
For people why say the conflict is 'too complex to understand' all they need to do is spend two minutes reading the Hamas charter. Yet the Hamas charter has never once been mentioned in the tens of thousands of hours of media propaganda against Israel.

Mike said...

Any chance of posting an advert in The Guardian reproducing the Hamas Charter?

susan said...

ive always said that anyone that marches in support of gaza are supporting terrorists ,hate towards jewish, christians and all non muslims ( and probably some muslims as well)and seem to forget that israel is also getting war casualtys.theres airheaded supporters trying to get goods from israel blocked in tescos and sainsburys, because these silly little housewifes who have nothing better to do seem to think that everyone supports palestine. while israel welcomes ceasefires palestines hamas leaders do not and cant wait to get back to bombing and murdering palestinians as well as israelis to use as propaganda. i cant see any of this money going to the people ,it will go on more weapons but still the stupid people of this and other countries give money. why are they so stupid? israel should recieve support not palestine. theyre muslims and what are muslims doing in our country and so many in the world? theyre killing jewish and christians . now we have the muslims doing it on our own doorsteps. islam is an evil sick barbaric cult that should be left in the past. this is the 21st centuary but the governments do nothing and say nothing. we dare not "offend" muslims even when they openly threaten to kill us and take our country. this country is heading for civil war and i think its the only way to stop them as ca MORON just continues to brown nose them while filling his pockets courtesy of you know who.

Unknown said...

Susan, I think you are an islamophobe, as am I. A phobia is an irrational fear of something, I am scared witless of what Islam is doing to the world and to the UK, not for myself but for my kids and my grandkids, but I don't think this is irrational at all. We dare not say anything in this country, the establishment is ignoring the problem and politicians are bending over backwards to appease the Islamic community. The problem is that this community is too large and exists in ghettos and too many MP's votes depend on keeping the peace with them.

Israel is in the front line of Islamist terrorism, it is a tiny western style democracy surrounded by totalitarian Islamic states that are dedicated to its destruction. We must remember that the Hamas conflict is not about territory, it is about the destruction of Israel and the annhilation of the Jews. This is the first aim of the Hamas charter and is in the Quran.

This is why the west needs to support Israel, not vilify it. It is fighting a battle now that we in europe will be fighting in a few years

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Mike: you idea about posting an advert in the Guardian on the Hamas charter is interesting. I will put that to the leaders of the UK Jewish Community who have called a 'town hall meeting' tomorrow about what the community should be doing.

Unknown said...

Not my idea Edgar, must be two Mikes here, but it is a good idea although the charter is very long winded