Monday, March 17, 2014

UPDATE: Footballers ... or bombers? How a typical libel against Israel gets promoted and accepted

On 8 March 2014 I posted this important story about a malicious libel against Israel whereby it was accused of shooting 'innocent Palestinian footballers' deliberately in their feet so that they could never walk again. The story was widely distributed by the usual antisemites and Israel haters along with demands that Israel be thrown out of FIFA. Now Bob Knott at Elder of Ziyon had done further extensive investigations which show that the story was even more of a pack of lies than I had suspected - the 'footballers' were in fact self-declared members of the terrorist organization DFLP (Democratic front for the Liberation of Palestine) and that they were attempting to bomb an Israeli security post. They were not shot in the feet at all. Bob also points out one minor error in my report (that the 'footballers' did indeed go to Ramallah hospital as well as Hadassah).

More on the relentless football Jihad against Israel here.

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