Saturday, March 15, 2014

David Cameron is a hypocrite and a liar

For all the strong support that David Cameron expressed in his Knesset speech any leader has to be judged on actions not words. And Cameron's actions - he has led Britain's most anti-Israel government since Ted Heath in 1973 - are damning (and his words outside Israel, such as saying "Israel had turned Gaza into a prison camp" are not much better). Although it is true that bilateral trade has increased (mainly to Britain's advantage with sales to Israel far in excess of those from Israel) under Cameron we have seen:
  • Britain taking the lead in the EU programme to boycott all goods and services from Jewish business (and only Jewish ones) in Judea, Sumaria, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights by pushing the ludicrous mandatory 'occupied territories' labelling scheme.  
  • Britain enforcing an arms embargo against Israel (set up just before Cameron became PM), while Cameron and Hague fall over themselves to sell every kind of arms to the Arabs including the despotic regimes of Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Just weeks before Gaddafi's overthrow Cameron was desperately trying to sell arms to Libya (and continues to do so to the now 'liberated' country that is actually under Al Qaeda rule in most towns).
  • Britain taking the unprecedented steps of expelling Israeli diplomats from the UK 'in retaliation' for the death of a Hamas terrorist in Dubai that was never proved to have any Israeli involvement. 
  • Britain actually threatening to break off all diplomatic relations with Israel because Israel had the audacity to issue plannign permits for building of new homes in its capital city.
  • Britain taking the lead in condemning Israel for defending itself against terrorist attacks. Cameron also voiced the most bitter and irrational condemnation of any world leader after the Gaza Turkish flotilla fiasco.
  • Britain taking the lead in vicious condemnation of Israel for daring to build anywhere in its 'settlements'
  • The appointment of William Hague - the most anti-Israel Foreign Secretary in living memory; a man seemingly obsessed with Israeli 'aggression' and 'settlements', since he is rarely heard to speak about anything else.
  • Massively increased funding for the 'Palestinians' which has been proven to have been widely used to directly fund terrorism and antisemitic incitement; requests to investigate this funding have been continually ignored (the standard response I have received from politicians is that withdrawing this funding will lead to increased terrorism!)
  • Britain taking the lead in the EU in 'lawfare' against Israelis and Israeli owned businesses. Leading Israeli politicians (including even Tzippi Livni) and military leaders continue to be stopped from entering the country for fear of arrest under the 'Universal Jurisdiction' law that has been applied only to Israelis on trumped up charges by the antisemites of the Palestine Solidarity Committee. Cameron promised he would stop this happening but, despite claims that the law has been changed, it has failed to do make any difference
  • A number of trials in which the defendants who have admitted to physical attacks and destruction of Israeli owned businesses have been found not guilty and even been praised by judges for their heroic activism. 
  • The introduction of policing policies which enabled anti-Israel 'demonstrators' in 2010 and 2012 to run riot in the streets of London attacking what they believed were Jewish owned businesses as well as Jewish counter demonstrators without fear of arrest (in fact the policy was instead to focus police manpower on confining the smaller numbers of peaceful pro-Israel demonstrators); 
  • The introduction of policing policies which enable anti-Israel 'demonstrators' to violently disrupt every public event (without fear of arrest or prosecution) in which an Israeli appears
  • An environment of such increased hostility to Israel in all walks of life that the campaign to boycott and deligitimize Israel and to equate Israel with apartheid are more firmly in the main stream than any other country in Europe.
  • The appointment of an anti-Israel Muslim supremacist first as Conservative party chairman and (after she failed at that) to a more important cabinet position which includes the brief of 'Faith and the Communities'.
  • The banning from the UK of American bloggers for being 'too pro-Israel' and hence 'likely to antagonise Muslims'. At the same time antisemitic Muslim hate preachers are allowed in all the time.
  • The introduction of laws on 'hate speech' that have been primarily used to silence the voices of those who highlight the dangers of Islamic terrorism.
Remember also that Cameron - before he was elected - actually tried to establish his 'pro-Muslim' credentials by bragging:
 ‘Unlike a lot of politicians from Britain who visit Israel, when I went I did stand in occupied East Jerusalem and actually referred to it as ‘occupied East Jerusalem,’ he says. ‘The Foreign Office bod who was with me said most ministers don’t dare say [that].’
And to prove that he meant it one of his first appointments in Office was Simon Fraser as the new head of the Foreign Office. Fraser had been sacked from his job in the last Conservative Government under John Major for cohabiting with an official of the PLO (which at the time was still officially designated as a terrorist organisation).

Just search for Cameron and Hague on this blog to see details of the above and much more. Words mean very little - remember that on Obama's first visit to Israel he said Jerusalem must remain undivided under Israeli rule (he changed this 'position' on the very next day when he returned to the USA).

Update: See the astonishing Jewish Chronicle coverage of Cameron's visit


Daphne Anson said...

As I commented to someone on my Facebook page, who is singularly unimpressed with this oily politician, David Cameron has always been good at a phrase, but words are cheap. I don't trust him one iota.
I have linked to your excellent post here on by Facebook page, Edgar.
Off topic, here's a PressTV video report re a recent conference in London; Prof. Rosemary Hollis is featured:

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Daphne thanks for linking. And thanks for the Press TV link - interesting.

David Guy said...

For some reason no one asked the British Prime Minisister why his government directly and indirectly (through charities like Oxfam) finances groups trying to undermine Israel. No one asked about the BBC, whose world service is directly financed by the Commonwealth and Foreign Office. No one asked why Britain refuses to sell oil and gas to Israel (as if the Arabs don;t have their own).

Anonymous said...

you're being a bit unfair. This government reformed the universal jurisdiction rule which made IDF veterans vulnerable to arrest if they visited England. The Labour government failed to reform it - thanks it seems to Jack Straw.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

To anonymous:

Although the government made an announcemnt of a change to the law it has had little or no effect. Israeli IDF veterens still cannot enter the UK for fear of arrest. Even Haaretz has recognised this:

Anonymous said...