Friday, March 14, 2014

The Jewish Chronicle is a disgrace - not just ambivalent to Israel but now relies on Islamic Jihad propaganda for news

In my article on Wednesday I deplored the fact that the UK media had ignored the massive unprovoked rocket attacks against Israel (between 70 and 150 reported in a few hours) even though they took place during David Cameron's visit (and ironically immediately after he said in the Knesset that Israel "has already seen 38 missiles from Gaza this year alone").

Incredibly the increasingly unhinged Jewish Chronicle also decided to essentially ignore the attacks despite having the Cameron visit as its front page story (by the useless discredited Haaretz writer Anschel Pfeffer) and also taking up the whole of page 2. The ONLY mention comes in a tiny article at the bottom of Page 20 under the heading "Shells strike Israel towns" - as if to suggest that this was some kind of a supernatural event. The JC has now adopted the Guardian and BBC strategy of never saying "Palestinians attack Israel" even though they always say "Israel attacks Palestinians". The former are always expressed in passive terms to deliberately excuse the offenders and obfuscate what happened. But it gets even worse because the small story is actually presented from the viewpoint of Islamic Jihad and contains the following explanation of events:
Alarm sirens were heard in Beersheba, but most of the rockets landed nearer the smaller towns of Sderot and Netivot. Islamic Jihad said that it had fired several morter shells in response to what they called "an Israeli incursion east of Khan Yunis".
Even the BBC and Guardian did not lower themselves to rely on a  lie from Islamic Jihad to explain the sequence of events. But it appears that the JC considers the statements from Islamic Jihad to be more trustworthy than anybody they could find in the whole of Israel.

Other highlights from this week's JC: a bizarre tribute to Israel hater Bob Crow (see bottom of page here); a large article salivating over a meeting of Jewish and Muslim women addressed by Israel-hating Muslim supremacist Baroness Warsi, two agressively anti-Israel 'news' articles ("Political war looms as Charedi draft becomes law" and "US groups attack Israeli rabbis' grip on marriage") and a half-page Op-Ed by the slimy Guardian journalist Jonathan Freedland. If it weren't for the fact that it has been like this for the last 2-3 years I would have assumed the entire issue was a Purim spiel.

Since its main writers are from Haaretz and the Guardian it is not really surprising that the JC is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate from those two anti-Israel papers.

Update: while I have also been fiercely critical of the Jewish News in its increasingly ambivalent attitude to Israel it at least gets this story right with its front page headline "Meet the Neighbours Mr Cameron" and subheading "PM condemns barbaric rocket attacks during historic Israel trip"

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