Sunday, March 16, 2014

Palestinian civilian deaths

Elder of Ziyon has a report on how a 2-year old boy was killed in Gaza - along with his Hamas operative father and two others - last week when rockets they were building in their house blew up on them. A 62-year-old woman was killed nearby in a separate 'work accident' (as the Palestinians refer to such explosions when even they cannot blame them on Israel). There is nothing unusual about these events happening in Gaza (is is estmated that some 25% of the 120 rockets launched against Israel last week actually 'fell short' - i.e. landed in Gaza).

What is important to know about these incidents is that all of the European-based NGOs will count ALL of those deaths as 'Palestinian civilian deaths from the hostilities with Israel'. So, although they will not (at the time) actually blame Israel for these deaths, when they later come to trot out the numbers to vilify Israel they will inevitably be in the number claimed for 'Palestinian civilians killed by Israel'.  In fact, Palestinians who are murdered as 'collaborators' (such as these who were dragged through the streets of Gaza by Hamas) are also classified by the NGOs as "civilian deaths from the hostilities" and so they also eventually get added to the toll of "Palestinian civilians murdered by Israel".

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Anonymous said...

What person would even think of abusing an image that shows nothing but human suffering as a parody for misleading ideological benefit? I can't help but react, because my disgust is to great to withhold.