Saturday, January 04, 2014

Significance of the media cover up of the Antarctic ship global warming narrative

Main stream media narrative
For me, the real story of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) ship that was trapped in ice before being rescued by the Chinese is the cover-up by the main stream media of the mission's objectives.

The objective of this expedition - led by Australian global warming 'scientist' Professor Chris Turney* - was to document the extent to which global warming had caused ice to vanish in the Antarctic. In addition to the 50 global warming 'scientists' on board there appear to have been 20 paying 'tourists' who actually included reporters from the BBC and Guardian.

So much has been invested in the media's narrative of the importance of global warming and man-made climate change that any story that highlights the fallacy of the narrative has to be ignored. In this case the media could not ignore the event itself since its own reporters were trapped in the ice. So it chose to simply cover up the mission objective. 

In the UK I listened to about 50 reports TV and radio news (including 24-hours news services from BBC, Sky, and LBC). Not a single report mentioned the mission objective at any time. At first they even tried to cover up the scientific aspect by reporting that the ship was just a 'tourist' ship. Even in print the mission objective has been almost completely ignored. Britain's widest circulation newspaper, the populist Sun which would normally delight in exposing this kind of hypocrisy, has abided by the rule not to expose the global warming scam; so not once - in all its coverage - has it mentioned the mission objective.

On the last but one line of an online BBC article they finally do mention that "One of the aims was to track how quickly the Antarctic's sea ice was disappearing." However, this comes at the bottom of many paragraphs and photos, and after a paragraph which says "Despite being trapped, the scientists continued their experiments, measuring temperature and salinity through cracks in the surrounding ice." Sky has been even worse than the BBC and Guardian in their obsessive 'climate change' agenda, so not only did they ignore the mission objectives in their TV reports, but even their online news service is maintaining the cover-up about the expedition. Their latest story on it  (after the many pictures and paragraphs on the rescue) says only right at the end: "The scientific team on board had been recreating Australian explorer Douglas Mawson's 1911 to 1913 voyage to Antarctica".

The relevance of this story to this blog is that it shows the extent to which the media will simply ignore or cover up any stories that did not fit their particular narrative. There are three truly 'sacred cow' narratives that the media is determined at all costs to maintain despite the evidence against them. One is, as discussed above, is  'man made global warming'. The other two are relevant to this blog since they are
  1.  'Palestinians are the most deserving people of support in the world'; and
  2. 'There is no such thing as an Islamist threat'
For the same reason that the media decides to completely ignore the true story behind the AAE above, they continue to ignore the overwhelming evidence that destroys their other two sacred cows. It is why news reports of Israel striking terrorists have to ignore the attacks which led to Israel's reponse, and why the multiple Islamist terrorist attacks that happen throughout the world on a daily basis - are either ignored completely or, if they are reported at all, they invariably fail to report the religion of the terrorists and their religious motives. It is why reports on events, such as such as Israel's release of terrorist murderers, have to avoid any mention of what the terrorists actually and did and how proud they still are of their sadism. It is why even a news event such as Nicolas Anelka's antisemitic salute has to cover up both the fact that Anelka is a Muslim convert and that his comedian friend who invented the salute (and to whom he dedicated it) is a Muslim supramacist antisemite who is not just a holocaust denier but whose obsession with destroying the State of Israel led him to form and lead a party - the Anti-Zionist Party - in the last French elections.

*The website of expedition leader Chris Turney says the following:
 "I am an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow and Professor of Climate Change at the University of University of New South Wales where my team and I are focussing our efforts on using the past to better understand the changes we are seeing today. To do something positive about climate change, I helped set up a carbon refining company called Carbonscape which has developed technology to fix carbon from the atmosphere and make a host of green bi-products, helping reduce greenhouse gas levels." 
So Turney has a major financial interest in the whole man-made climate change myth. From its website, Carbonscape seems to be funded entirely from public funds and its business model is based on regulations fed by climate scammers; in the section on ‘emerging users’ of its technology it says:
 In the United States, there is anticipation that new federal environmental regulations will be passed in 2011 mandating the need for mercury removal at coal-fired power stations. AC demand in the United States is expected to increase as a result of this legislation. In fact, an upturn in demand has already been experienced as a direct result of certain states pre-empting and passing their own regulations.


asherpat said...

By mistake, I posted the response below in the article about the Jihadi rapper. I repost now, hopefuly in the correct article.

thanks for this article. In the past few years, I've been the family and friends' pet right-wing extremist, "denying" global warming and exposing Palywood and media bias to a point where my wife (not a leftie by any means) asked me to refrain from discussing these topics even if (as it is usual), the leftie guests start talking.

But this hilarious event with the Greenies stuck in their Global Warming ice, was just too much for me, and I enjoy poking fun of my mainstream "scientific concensus" friends. But the point is clear that those who advocate the environmentalist agenda (lets leave for the moment whether it is correct or not), are in vast majority of cases also fervent anti-Israel.

It just goes hand in glove. And for that God, thanks for sticking these deluded people in ice!

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...


Yes it is interesting that the most fanatical environmentalists are also invariably the the most fanatically anti-Israel. But the global warming scam always was ultimately an extreme leftist agenda for world-wide redistribution of wealth. And there is big Arab money behind this also (e.g. when Al-Jazeera is not running anti-Israel documentaries it will invariably be running documentaires on the perils of global warming).

With regard to this particular expedition the media in the UK is so completely in the grip of the global warmists that not only have they managed to cover-up this particular scandal (to all but those who know where to look for real reporting) but - as I mentioned in the article - they have managed to turn it into another 'catastrophic climate change' story. So if you tried to poke fun at leftist dinner guests (or even just ordinary members of the public taken in by the global warming scam) they would think you were even madder by bringing up this story.