Sunday, January 19, 2014

Del Singh: Friend of Islamic terrorists of Gaza - killed by Islamic terrorists in Kabul

Del Singh: friend of Islamic terrorists in Gaza - killed by Islamic terrorists in Kabul
Del Singh - the prospective Labour MEP was one of 21 people killed in the horrific Taliban terrorist attack in Kabul. Many of the news items about him mentioned his 'humanitarian work' in Gaza which included such helpful activities as running the Hamas organised Gaza marathon.The picture above is from the Palestine Mission UK tribute to him.

As you can see from this message by Graham Morris MP, Singh was a leading member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (an organisation that has no interest at all in the welfare of Palestinians but seeks ONLY the destruction of Israel -  he is listed here as a speaker at one of their events along with some of the UK's most well known antisemites) and also served on the Executive of Labour Friends of Palestine. IsraellyCool recently exposed Graham Morris as a supporter of the “there’s no room for Israel or Jews in Palestine” point of view (and here Elder of Ziyon reports Morris saying the Israeli flag is 'Nazi'). This appears to have been the worldview of his friend Del Singh, whose death nevertheless is a terrible tragedy.

Update: Here is Israel-hater Andy Slaughter MP paying tribute to Singh at yesterday's death to Israel rally in London.

Update: The Telgraph reports that Singh was "an adviser to Mr Miliband on Israeli and Palestinian policy". Why? Can there be any better proof of what an idiot Milliband is?

Update (Thanks to Daniel Greenfield for pointing this out to me; Daniel also followed up on my article here). The following posting from Del Singh (scroll down to comments) was in response to someone who had the audacity to criticize the academic boycott of Israel:
Rebecca writes the usual nonsense in defence of Israel and disgracefully seeks to attack anyone with who raises their voice against Israel and its continous and deliberate human rights abuses against the Palestinian people as people who are victimising Israel and being antisemitism. I am sure unlike her I have spent considerable time in Palestine and witnessed the vile occupation and abuse of Palestinian people by the state of Israel and its military forces. It is systematic, unjustified and immoral of a state that calls its self democratic to behave the way it does and as Rebecca would wish for the World to turn a blind eye. We need more than academic sanctions on Israel - I would advocate sporting, cultural and trade sanctions and on restrictions on Israeli passport holders into the EU to make Israel understand that forging peace with the Palestinians, returning to the 1967 borders, abiding by UN resolutions is in their interest. Go to Palestine and spend some time there and you will soon realise that Israel does not see peace with Palestinian as in their interest. And their constant failure to do so and make up feeble excuses as to why they have to keep expaning illegal settlements, confiscating and stealing Palestinian farmland, use check points to STOP Palestinians student from going to their place of education (especially during exam times), murdering innocent Palestinians is somehow acceptable. You can call me antisemitic if it makes you feel better but I oppose the current State of Israel and all its stands for. Why dont you come to Palestine with me and see how the occupation takes effect and systematically seeks to destroy the Palestinian people. And then lets talka about boycotts.
 Update: 27 Sept 2017. The award in the name of Del Singh

It is also important to note that the Palestine Solidarity Campaign - of which Singh was a prominent member - is not just an anti-Israel organisation but also a blatantly antisemitic one as proved by David Collier


Babs said...

These people have a very nasty habit of biting the hand that feeds them and murdering those who support them. Singh isn't the first to be murdered by those he supported and I doubt that he will be the last.

One would think that the remaining supporters would learn some sort of lesson from that but their cognitive dissonance is so great, and their need to be codependent with the objects of their pity so all-consuming, that they are deaf, dumb and blind to the dangers they are in.

How apposite the saying that no good deed goes unpunished!

EndOfZion said...

Or even... Israel: lives by the sword, dies by the sword...

Throwing stones from glass houses and all that...