Thursday, January 16, 2014

Iron Dome: Coming to St James' Church next Christmas

This morning the peace-loving Palestinians fired numerous rockets into Israel - including five targeted at Ashkelon that were all intercepted by the Iron Dome system. Given how ugly the Iron dome system is - and how its only purpose is to save the lives of Israelis targeted by Palestinian terrorists, this surely is a perfect subject for the next Christmas stunt by the St James' Church Piccadilly: Build a life-size replica of the Iron dome and demand it be torn down.

In fact, to save much time and effort I have prepared the Press Release for the event:

St James Church Piccadilly, Christmas 2014
This Christmas, in solidarity with the downtrodden Palestinians of Gaza and Bethlehem, we are building a life-size replica of the hideous Iron Dome system which, according to international human rights lawyers, has been illegally intercepting Palestinian rockets.  The racist Israelis have been installing hundreds of these monstrosities all across the land that Jesus walked on and which is sacred to Palestinian Arabs. These monstrosities are a blight on the lives of the Palestinians, but most of all they perfectly represent the apartheid nature of the Israeli system, since they target only Palestinian rockets (no Israeli rocket has ever been intercepted). Moreover, these largely harmless Iranian-made Grad rockets are paid for by EU taxpayers, so the Iron Dome is also cheating every EU citizen, as well as destroying the output of the only major growth industry in Gaza.

The Israelis laughingly claim that the system 'saves lives'. But everybody knows that the 3,962 Grad missiles targeted at Israeli cities in the last 3 years that have been illegally intercepted by the Iron Dome were never intended to kill more than a few hundred Israeli civilians each. They are just harmless fire-crackers. Compared to the three million Palestinian babies bayoneted to death by Israeli soldiers every day in Gaza, and the 4 million babies who die of starvation every single day in Gaza as a result of the Israeli siege**, any Israeli 'casualties' are completely irrelevant.
Our replica of the Iron Dome is costing just 259 billion pounds, and is being funded voluntarily by UK and EU taxpayers through the financing of two charities: the Christian charity “War on Israel” and the Muslim Charity “Jihad against Jews”. On the 12th day of Christmas (6 January 2015) the Iron Dome will be torn down and destroyed as an act of hopeful symbolism.
Merry Christmas
**All casualty figures  have been supplied by the independent Gaza-based Hamas Health Authority and verified by the independent UN-funded Palestinian Propaganda Committee.
Update: See Iron Dome Economics: why the Palestinians will keep firing
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mrzee said...

"three million Palestinian babies bayoneted to death by Israeli soldiers every day in Gaza" ROFLMAO!!!

BonniePrinceCharlie said...

Brilliant. I will be forwarding to everyone on my emailing list and asking them to do the same.