Monday, January 27, 2014

After banning Spencer and Geller for being pro-Israel, UK government allows in notorious antisemites

UPDATE TO THIS STORY 3 Feb 2014: Apparently the British Government has now decided not to allow Dieudonne into the country.

We already know that the banning of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from the UK last year was due to their pro-Israel views, which the British Government felt would inflame the Islamists to violence. We also know that Islamic hate preachers have no such difficulty getting into the UK. Yet, even by their own ludicrously hypocritical standards, this story is incredible. That the government has now granted access to the antisemitic French 'comedian' Dieudonne at the very centre of the current 'quenelle' controversy, as well as the fascist antisemitic leader of the Hungarian Jobbik party Gabor Vona tells you all you need to know about the government's exclusion policy. It can be summarised as possible:

Access denied
Access granted
People with strong peaceful pro-Israel views
Violent jihadists;
People advocating the violent destruction of Israel
People critical of violent Islamism
Fascists/antisemites (as long as they are not also critical of Islam in any way) - note in particular, that both Dieudonne and Vona are not only viciously anti-Zionist but also actively pro-jihad and hence Muslims are among their most vociferous supporters.

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