Thursday, March 15, 2012

Arrested in the UK for criticising Iran

Following on from my story about the UK man imprisoned for 12 months for displaying posters that could cause offence to Muslims, comes the story of two Israeli men arrested at Heathrow after a stewardess overheard them making "inappropriate and potentially threatening comments regarding Iran" while on a BA flight from Las Vegas. News reports on the story are pretty skimpy (the few sites interested in the story seem to be anti-semitic and Jihadist sites and blogs who are typically using it to 'expose' the evil intents of Israel vis a vis Iran).   However, contrary to what was stated in the few early reports (such as the JC on and also this one in the Mail) Rod Liddle in today's Sun claims that the men were not disruptive in any way and no passengers reported any concerns about them (perhaps Sky News will get round to apologising some time for the tickertape headline "Israelis arrested on BA flight in terrorist alert" they put out when the story first broke). So it appears that a single stewardess took offence at two guys for criticising a terrorist regime that daily threatens the existence of their own country - and on this basis they were arrested and accused of being terrorists.

The UK's political leaders are continually telling Israel that the country has no right to defend itself from Iran - several have hinted that any strike on Iran would be 'illegal'. But now it appears that it is also illegal for Israeli citizens even to discuss the threat posed by Iran.

Coming soon to the UK:

  • Man imprisoned for expressing support for Israel - deemed offensive to all Muslims
  • Jews imprisoned for attending Holocause memorial event - deemed offensive to all Nazis. 
  • Man imprisoned after telling his psychiatrist that he once had a negative though about Muslims
  • Man imprisoned for displaying posters that could offend Muslims (oops already had that...)


Anonymous said...

Edgar it's so frightening, can't talk anymore, do they know what we're thinking too. I reckon I'm gonna get in trouble one day... And yet nothing heard so far on the Israelie IDF girl soldier knifed on the train in Jeruslem and fighting for her life. Of course stabbed by an israelie Arab!!!!!!!!!!!

in the vanguard said...

Time for Jews to pack their bags and get out of Europe!