Saturday, March 31, 2012

Israel and Jew hatred in the UK

Richard Millett has an excellent account of the anti-Israel demonstration that took place yesterday in London. Note that the demonstrators are still displaying those fraudulent 'shrinking Palestine' maps that I exposed here and here.

Those demonstrating will no doubt be greatly encouraged that, on the same day, the virulent obsessive Israel hater George Galloway was elected to Parliament after winning the Bradford by-election by campaigning essentially as an Islamist. His first tweet after his victory said "Long live Palestine, Arab dignified".

Here is a man discredited in every aspect of his life, the best friend forever of the late Saddam Hussain,  and now Assad in Syria and Ahemdinejad in Iran (who actually employs him to provide propaganda for his TV station). These are tyrants who have brutally murdered  tens of thousands of their own Muslim civilians; yet Galloway won almost 100% of the Muslim vote by campaignining on a record of 'defending Muslims worldwide'.  So much for most Muslims in the UK being moderate. Being a Jew-baiter is enough for them to forgive any other transgressions. Indeed the most common comment I heard from Muslims asked why they supported Galloway was 'he stands up for the Palestinians'. He certainly won't stand up for the non-Muslims in Bradford.

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