Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sarkozy to use Islamist terrorist attack as pretext to arrest critics of Islam

I had to do a double-take on this.
Sarkozy called Merah's killings terrorist attacks and announced a crackdown on people following extremist websites. "From now on, any person who habitually consults websites that advocate terrorism or that call for hate and violence will be punished," he said in a statement. 
The problem is that if Sarkozy and the rest of the politically correct elite are the ones who get to decide what constitutes 'extremist' and 'incitement to hatred' then among the first to be targeted will be anybody who reads blogs that highlight the problems of radical Islam. This is because all such sites (including mine - or any of those listed on the right) are classified by the liberal elite as 'extremist hate sites'. So yet again the crimes of Islamic terrorists will result directly in restrictions on the freedom of everybody and the criminalizing of opponents of Islamic terrorism.

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