Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Imprisoned in the UK for criticising Islam

The national UK media has had almost nothing to say about the astonishing case of Darren Conway who on March 6 was sentenced to a year in prison for posting 'anti-Islamic materials' in the window of his ground-floor apartment in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.  There is a very good piece by Bruce Bawer about the case in which he wonders why no information about the actual posters has been provided in any news reports. He suspects that the material is simply standard factual information about Islam and Mohammed (including the fact that, by having sex with the  9-year old Aisha, Muhammad would be classified as a pedophile in any Western society).

In order to find out exactly what the posters were I have just filed a Freedom of Information Request to the Crown Prosection Service -anyone else can do this by completing the form here (you can send it by email). The details needed for the form are no more than provided above.

Obviously I will post the response here when I get it.

Update: The Crown Prosecution Service has its own report about the case on its website here. However, it also provides no concrete details about the posters beyond the quotes of Prosecutor Judith Walker who tells us that "Although they were targeted at Muslims, they would cause offence to virtually anyone that saw them." Sounds a very grand claim.

Update 15 March 2012: Arrested in the UK for criticising Iran

Update 5 June 2012: I have had a response from The Crown Prosecution Service. They have refused the request form information about the posters on the grounds that it is 'not in the public interest'.  


Anonymous said...

Good luck with that. Looking forward to seeing the "upsetting" documents. That cannot be ignored by the msm, thanks to efforts by people such as you.

Artgrl said...

Thanks for your postings. I write articles about art from the US and it's hard to find out what's really going on re: Islamic aggression through MSM alone. In fact it's impossible. I pray for UK to stand up for your rights as a group. It occurs to me that you are being denied your rights as indigenous peoples. Seriously. Maybe you should run with that. Don't give up the fight!

Kafir Ibn al-Shaitan said...

Did these bureaucratic fascists explain why did they decide to exclude you from the "public" group ? And why do they arrogate to themselves this privilege to dictate your "interest" to you ?

UK is a fascist police state. Disgusting.