Friday, January 13, 2017

The Pope and the new 'Palestine' Embassy

So, it seems that tomorrow the Pope will formally open the new 'Palestine' Embassy in Vatican City, in a ceremony attended by 'Palestine President' Mahmoud Abbas (fresh from Abbas's latest frenzied round of commemorating and rewarding Arab terrorists for murdering Jews). According to this article (unverified) the Pope says:

"The Holy See and the State of Palestine have notified each other that the procedural requirements for its [the agreement's] entry into force have been fulfilled, under the terms of Article 30 of the same Agreement, Israel will disappear from the "landscape of geography,"
Seems a good time to recall a post I did in May 2015 when the Vatican formally recognized the 'State of Palestine'. As I am sure the Vatican is a bastion of integrity and consistency I look forward therefore to the opening of the Embassy of the Islamic State of Luton in Vatican City.

In shock move Vatican recognizes Islamic State of Luton*

Pope Francis greets Luton Leader Anjem Choudary after Vatican formally recognises Islamic State of Luton today
The Vatican has quickly followed its recognition of the terrorist State of Palestine today by also formally recognising the Islamic State of Luton. In an historic meeting in Rome today with the moderate leader of Luton, the Emir Anjem Choudary, Pope Francis said:
The illegal occupation of Islamic Luton by the imperialist British government continues to be a barrier to world peace. The aspirations of the Muslims of Luton to have their own independent Sharia State - as Emir Choudary has heroically campaigned for years - can no longer be denied.  
By recognising the Islamic State of Luton today the Vatican also brings pressure to bear on the British Government to ensure a peaceful transfer of power to these long down-trodden Muslim people.
Anjum Choudary, in a sensitive and conciliatory speech asserted:
The new Islamic State of Luton demands that the rest of Britain must now submit to Sharia law. No non-Muslim will be harmed providing they convert to Islam. We also demand that the Vatican renounce Catholicism and submit to the Sharia.
President Obama supported the move saying "I have always maintained that no peace in Britain is possible until there is a 2-state solution - a 100% Muslim State of Luton and a 65% non-Muslim State for the rest of Britain. Moroever, the world's 180 million Muslim refugees who originate from just outside Luton must be allowed to return to their ancient homeland (i.e. the rest of Britain).

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu also welcomed the move but said "I believe that Britain has a right to exist, but Israeli support for Britain's right to exist could not be guaranteed if the illegal occupation of Luton continued"

*Satire, but no more silly than the genuine news from the Vatican.

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Unknown said...

Pope Francis has not, if we consider his behavior regarding Jews in his home country, Argentina, ever exhibited antisemitic attitudes. In my humble opinion, he has fallen victim, as many other leaders in the world, to the deceiving, constant and pervasive Palestinians´claim that they are being victimized by Israel. This, combined with the liberal attitude that has always characterized the Pope´s thinking, has prompted, among other poor decisions, this unfortunate result.