Sunday, January 01, 2017

Remembering last year's New Year's Day terrorist attack in Tel Aviv

Alon Bakal: one of the victims of Islamic terrorist attack in Tel Aviv 1 Jan 2016
So, just minutes into 2017, Islamic terrorists continue their murderous assault on civilians with the attack at a club in Istanbul. As in the recent Berlin attack, an Israeli tourist (Lian Nassar) was among the fatalities.

Exactly one year ago a similar attack in a bar in Tel Aviv claimed the lives of three Israelis, including family member Alon Bakal. The others were Shimon Ruimi and Amin Shaaban.  As with most terrorist attacks in Israel - unlike identical attacks elsewhere - it was almost completely ignored by the entire Western media and political classes, who believe that Israelis killed by Arabs somehow deserve it. But we honour their memory today.

19-year-old Lian Nassar killed in today's Istanbul attack
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