Thursday, January 26, 2017

Muslim and Jewish refugees: spot the difference

Given the media's renewed obsession for claiming that the current 'refugee crisis' is just like the Jewish refugees of the 1930's I thought it was important to update this previous post/graphic.

The current migrant crisis is terrible and tragic, but has been caused exclusively by Muslim wars and violence*****. Moreover, for reasons I pointed out in this article, attempts to draw analogies to Jewish refugees during the holocaust are wrong and insulting, as are exhortations that Jews must be especially welcoming of the refugees. Perhaps this table (click to enlarge) will make things clearer for those who do not understand the reality.

Update 27 Jan 2017: As a result of Trump's restrictions on Muslim immigration there has been an explosion of celebrities and politicians claiming that this is exactly like banning Jewish refugees during WW2. Moreover, even uglier is the suggestion in, of all things, a video by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (today is Holocaust Day) that 'prejudice' against Muslims in the West is analogous to the murder of 6 million Jews.

Update: 10 years a ago a very different international reaction to a refugee crisis

*Number of countries that are signatories to UNHRC convention on refugees and asylum seekers
** BBC report says each refugee costs £50,000 per annum the UK
***Pew Poll of 2015 showed 63% of Muslims want to live under sharia law
****Jews who fled Muslim antisemitism in Algeria and Morocco for France have now been forced to flee France mainly because of Muslims immigrants (especially from Algeria and Morocco). Almost all the current surge of antisemitism throughout European is due to Muslim immigrants.
*****The wealthy Arab Sunni Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE  have been the principle funders of the various wars yet have taken 0 Sunni refugees. And of course Shia Muslim Iran has played the biggest external role in all of the wars and has taken 0 Shia refugees. Meanwhile one minority who deserves refugee status - the Kurds - are being stopped by Turkey from getting a safe haven in their own lands. The other minorities like the Christians and Yazidis (who make up a very small minority) are of course not covered by the above and should be taken in by Christian countries.

Also note that for Syrian refugees Israel remains enemy #1, while 3 out of 4 Syrians support Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists.

UPDATE: The important article here by David Semple gives an indication of the ramifications of importing Muslim refugess into UK cities. While, Daphne Anson has a very good summary of the bias of western TV channels in their reporting on the refugee crisis. Pay special attention to this video.

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fairbrit said...

Your comparison graphs are an inspired piece of creative thinking and when facts are set out in this binary fashion it renders the truth chillingly clear.

No matter the continent, we Jews are extremely vulnerable [and vilified]right now.

Thanks, Edgar, for another brilliant post.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Fairbrit: Thanks

Anonymous said...

Do you actually think that this feels different for the people on the run now than it felt voor the Jews while they were?

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Anonymous: seems like you did not actually read the article. Also the Jews did not actually have anywhere safe to go, whereas all of the current migrants do and most of them trying to get to Western Europe had already left Syria for Turkey, which although not comfortable for them was not a war zone and they were in no danger it all. But unlike Germany and Britain their co-religionists in Turkey do not give them lots of free services.

Daphne Anson said...

Brilliant, Edgar. I have linked to this post and have taken the liberty of posting most of the graphic. The "Australian Jewish News" comes out today (Thursday) and there are two letters (and one article, invoking the Shoah, calling for Jews to speak out loud and clear against "Islamophobia" and take in many many more refugees. I'm afraid that these three items are all written by women, who of all people should be aware of the dire potential consequences for females of the terrible culture clash being inflicted upon Western societies.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Daphne. Thanks. There is lot more to say about the hypocrisy of those screaming about the current refugee crisis and if I get the time I will be writing more on it. The UK can certainly look forward to even more of this:
when the 20,000 Syrians arrive (Syrians being the most indoctrinated with antisemitism).

Nan Montgomery said...

Thank you for sharing your blog spot with one of my FB friends! I am passing it along to my friends. Much help for those who wonder how to respond when anti-Israel or anti-Semites respond to something we post with Israel bashing rhetoric.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Edgar. Will forward to others. Deserves wide readership. The problem is that most people don't think: they simply react to the word 'refugee' and the western media along with the politicians must bear the responsibility for this. The lack the ability - or perhaps the will - to differentiate those fleeing for their lives and those seeking a better life.

Anonymous said...

Jewish refugees bring science and culture, whereas Arab refugees, you say, bring only rape and "a few good restaurants."

And you genuinely believe you're not a racist.

Unknown said...

You're quite right. It is a racist comment. Not nice but not entirely untrue. A bit of an overstatement. Perhaps you could provide a list of contributions to the world by Arabs / Muslims in the fields of high tech, medicine and peace.

Anonymous said...

It is true whether people like to acknowledge it or not. Thanku

Mike Davidsohn, The Voice Of Reason said...

Edgar is a REALIST not a Racist

Yonah said...

I'm blocked for 3 days by Facebook because of publishing this cartoon about 'Muslim and Jewish refugees: spot the difference.' Thus I would have violated Facebook community standards?
Why would this be wrong ??? Why ? This is clear bullying !!!

Anonymous said...

"The current migrant crisis is terrible and tragic, but has been caused exclusively by Muslim wars and violence" - of course western interventions in Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc have played no part in the current situation in the Middle East. No one but Muslims have any interest in propping up regimes that provide ready markets for arms sales and provide the west with cheap oil. Oh, and of course, it doesn't provide the current Iraeli regime with some spurious justification for its treatment of Arabs in the illegally occupied West Bank and Gaza, does it?
This is a humanitarian crisis, affecting thousands of innocent human beings, irrespective of their religion, and should be responded to accordingly, as should the persecution of Jewish people before and during WWII have been. Comparing the two does not make any of it right and only serves to divide and prolong conflict, or is that your purpose?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you evidently missed the first 2 lines
"Given the media's renewed obsession for claiming that the current 'refugee crisis' is just like the Jewish refugees of the 1930's..."

The rest of your comment is a non-sequitor, a-la "Hitchhiker's guid to the galaxy", If we just don't mention the obvious it doesn't exist. yet the middle east is burning well before Edgar's comments, it is a humanitarian crisis and it is both bad and sad, but it has a root cause, which, unless properly identified will and does lead to the wrong medicine that we apply to it, and tinfoil is not a medicine.

Russell Yushvah said...
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Russell Yushvah said...
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Anonymous said...

Let's talk about the talking points from the graph.

Points 1-3: These are all correct, but irrelevant. They all imply that because the Jewish refugees fled a country that wasn't Jewish (and therefore Jews weren't committing atrocities), this somehow made them "good refugees". If they were Christian refugees, fleeing Germany, would that have made it OK for the US to turn them away to certain death? It doesn't matter if Muslims are freeing Muslim just like it wouldn't matter if Christians are fleeing Christian or Jews were fleeing Jews. People are dying and seeking refuge. The end.

Points 4/5 are also pretty ridiculous. "Face certain extermination" for Jewish refugees is something you now know because of hindsight. Point 5 says that Syrian refugees are fleeing only for economic reasons. Economic only? Not because they're stuck between a murderous religious fanatics (ISIS)? Not because 11% of Syrian population had died in the civil war? What kind of fucked up logic is that? Pretty sure if 10% of your city died in the civil war, your decision to leave was based on survival.

Point 6 - Cite your sources. Less than 1% of Jewish refugees were men 17-30? Over 80% of Syrian refugees are? I can't find stats on the Jewish side and the Syrian number seems fabricated.

Point 7 - Again, with the weird "shared religion" straw man. A true fact, but relevant how? So we should ignore a humanitarian crisis if other people sharing religions/ethnic backgrounds could take them instead? And if those countries refuse? My parents fled the USSR in 1991, so the US should have said no because Israel existed?

Point 8/9 - Again, how is this relevant? No one is arguing that the US should be the only country to take refugees or that they should commit to taking all of them. We're talking about 10,000 right now. Incidentally, Muslim countries currently are hosting the bulk of these refugees. just look at the stats in Wikipedia.

It's pointless at this time to keep combatting ignorance with facts and not made up tables. But right now the first 9 of your 16 points don't really stand up to scrutiny. Not a good sign. And if nothing else, I'm hoping you get the point behind citing sources. To be continued.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

To "Anonymous": Love the fact that an anonymous troll is asking me to cite sources... And who said this was referring to Syrian refugees only? The vast majority of Muslim refugees coming to Europe and USA in last 6 years have certainly not been from Syria. Also love the fact that you criticise the figures and pull out crap like "11% of Syrian population had died in the civil war" while also citing a leftist organisation ( which is well known for getting most things wrong.

Anonymous said...

Edgar - is that the most "intelligent" response I could receive? I was looking forward to an decent conversation here, but you had to take a stab at me for expressing my opinion. Did I hit a nerve? Usually that applies to liberals who label us racist at every turn they get. As for 11% stat on Syrian death toll, I pasted a wrong link. Here is the refresher -

If you wanna rebut, then do it like a man. I have not heard anything worthwhile from you on my points. I spent time and responded to you without name calling or otherwise... whose is really a troll here? Either put up and be a man or keep trolling your nonsense without any fact.

Anonymous said...

How cruel and insensitive is it to take refugees thousands of miles away from suitable mostly homogeneous safer alternate locations with a common language, religion, and history, to an foreign country alien in almost every way? Worse still, to foreign countries incompatible in almost every way - besides different language, religion, and history, they'll be thrown into a culture with a different vision of the future, different values and sense of morality, and different legal systems incompatible with Islamic Sharia law they believe reflects the will of Allah.

Compounding the cruelty is that the Arab refugees will be governed by a nation with a dominant infidel religion they've been taught from the cradle is inferior and hostile?