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Why does this woman deserve our charity? It's all about the cult of "Palestinianism"

We are expected to have sympathy for this woman and pay for her baby factory, but nobody asks why
While updating information today about anti-Israel charities funded by Comic Relief (and its subsidiary Sport Relief) I did some checks on organisations (other than those I have already reported on) who received big grants.

One such organisation - CARE International - currently has a £1 million grant from Comic Relief. Among its activities, this charity funds 'humanitarian work' in Gaza, but it is not overtly political and anti-Israel in the same way as War on Want, Oxfam, Christian Aid and Save the Children***.  However, on its web page I found the above image of a 39-year old woman (Mariam) in Gaza who clearly feels it is her duty to give birth to as many 'martyrs' as she can, since she says: "We must have many children here, because we lose so many in the wars". Even ignoring the implied blood libel that Israel kills children, it is not at all clear to me why anybody in the West should be funding this kind of 'humanitarian aid'; it is inconceivable that aid to provide an ever-ending conveyor belt of 'martyrs' would be provided by charities to any other people in the world except the Palestinians.

The explanation lies in the cult of 'Palestinianism' - a cult that, in my view, can only be explained by visceral and irrational hatred of Israel. In other words it is driven by anti-Semitism:
  • 'Palestinianism' is the belief in the universal sanctification of the Palestinians as the most helpless, tragic and disadvantaged people in the history of the world; a people whose suffering - no matter how minor - must be the focus of world attention, and must also take precedence over any other suffering in the world. 
  • Palestinianism maintains that the Muslims of Gaza and 'the West Bank' are a people with no say in their own fate or actions, and who are so helpless that they cannot, for example, be held responsible for the many among their numbers who carry out terrorists murders of Jewish civilians despite the fact that 90%  fully support such murders in the hope that they will one day rid Israel of every Jew.
  • Palestinianism demands that no Palestinians should ever be held to account for any actions they take, no matter how brutal, inhumane or sadistic, since they are only ever the 'victims' of some earlier sleight by the Jews. 
  •  'Palestinianism' demands that the Palestinians must have their very own UN refugee agency (UNWRA) and that when it comes to funding their needs take precedence over everybody in the world. Hence, the 'poor Palestinians' already receive per capita five times more international aid (most provided by European and US taxpayers) than any other people in the world. And that is why, despite this fact, well-meaning charities like CARE International insist on pumping even more money (most of it given by generous people expecting it to help feed the starving in Africa) on undeserving people like Mariam.

***It should however, be noted that in 2008 Care International issued a joint statement with anti-Israel charities demanding 'the highest diplomatic pressure" be brought to bear on Israel to change its policies on Gaza (i.e. surrender to the terrorists).

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