Thursday, March 24, 2016

Everything you need to know about why the Islamist terrorists continue to strike is in these 2 headlines

The two stories leading the Jerusalem Post online news at 15:00 today explain everything you need to know about why Islamists are winning in their battle to terrorise 'Infidel' nations. The first story is about an Israeli soldier arrested for killing a terrorist who had stabbed a colleague seconds earlier*, and the second is about a London man arrested for "inciting racial hatred on social media" after sending  a tweet criticising a Muslim woman he spoke to who would not condemn the Brussels terrorists.

Leftists are proud of these stories (look at the triumphant tone of moral superiority in the Jerusalem Post report which talks about the "ghastly shooting of a Palestinian knife attacker") because in their eyes it demonstrates 'our' moral righteousness even when under attack by 'them'.  They think these kind of stories show why the Islamic terrorists can never 'win' because even in the face of terror 'we will still uphold the democratic process and fight racism'. But the exact opposite is true. For a start these prosecutions have got nothing to do with justice, democracy and fighting racism. They are all about signalling our righteousness and appeasement to the Islamists - and even the suppression of our own values of free speech. In reality they signal our weaknesses to the Islamists, along with the fact that we do not even acknowledge that we are fighting a war against an enemy dedicated to our destruction.

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